Which 1drop?


What 1drop should I get ( PRICE DOESN’T MATTER) just tell me your favorite


I don’t know what you should get, but the 54 is my favorite.


I only own the 54 but its great and can git almost anyone’s preference because of side effects!


From what’s currently available, my favorites are the CODE1 and Burnside


Here is the way I look at it
If you want a high quality cheap yoyo go with the caferacer.

But if you are looking for more premium I like the CODE 1, DANG, and the MARKMONT. next

Hope this helped Happy Holidays!


the dietz is still my favorite throw of all time.

(laxdude99) #7

My personal favorite onedrop is the burnside, its a real player and has the most stability i’ve seen on a onedrop but all onedrops are great players so get whatever is in stock and in your price range


what about the code 2? :wink: