Where's BanjoSpins?


Where’d he go?

Is he okay?

I PM’d him a while ago and he hasn’t responded…

(NotATyrant) #2

Woah…I haven’t seen anything suspicious


havent seen him around either…

(NotATyrant) #4

I looked on his profile and he was on earlier, maybe he’s avoiding us? :’(


He’s been here, just hasn’t posted.


Yes, he is just fine, he just got busy and took a break from posting for a bit. I exchanged an email with him, and he will be back soon…just busy is all. Probably time for reading, not posting. :wink: I will let him know that you noticed his absence. ;D


So someone doesn’t log on for a day and immediately answer your messages so you flip out?


He’s a really nice guy and he has had heart issues randomly happen.

Just wondering…


i was just thinking this while i was on a different thread, then i saw this one! Comeback Banjo! we miss you!

(Owen) #10

Banjo! You’ve been gone a WHOLE two days! How can we survive?

Guys really, he probably just wants to take a break from all the 183883994 paragraph long posts he does.


Banjos driving to California to see some ship with his dad because he wants to see it to celebrate what I think is his birthday I know because I PMed him because I was curious about where he went


Thanks a lot Abby. :slight_smile:


somebody’s freaking out.

(PS it’s shadowz.)


Just curious.

But yeah.


everywhere yet nowhere…


PM From Banjo-

"Hi Lexos

I didn’t want to be rude and just not respond to your greeting, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Listen buddy, I’m stepping away from the forums for a short time, hopefully I’ll be back before too long. Hold the fort while I’m away Lieutenant.

…and Lexos, try to behave yourself while I’m gone and not get anymore of my threads locked."


Oh that’s interesting its a shame one of banjos threads got locked


I do not know whyyyyyy…


which one was it?


I think it was “a bit of banal pettifoggery”
And I can see why.