see ya.

been nice to know you. take care.

Pajama Man.

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We had an argument? Not that I recall…? Definitely no hard feelings over here, either, if so!

Best of luck! Everyone has to use their time as best they see fit. Stop in if you ever have questions or insights and you know we’re the right audience for you. :wink:

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Keep the account just in case you ever feel like posting, cause come on, it’s not like you’re never going on YYE again.

But if you are adamant about it, chow.

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Banjo and I left a while ago, and I came back when I had something to say. You may regret it in the future, your reputation and your shadow casted on the community will fade with time, as mine did. Whatever makes you happy man, I am sure you don’t remember me, but we agreed on a lot of real-world issues a while back. Miss you man, any loss to the community is to be mourned after. Hope to atleast see you at World’s 2013.

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I don’t really remember the details of the argument we had, and I don’t know if I want to. No hard feelings were ever meant, and there are none now.

Best of luck in the future!

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Take Care of yourself Jerrod.

I still love my Chief.


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Oh no, this is horrible news. Jerrod! You are without a doubt my favorite person on the forums! I’m so sad to see you go. Shocked, actually.

It is your choice though, and obviously you’ve made your decision. I can’t make you stay but I would advise you to at the least keep your account. I left for an entire year, honestly not thinking I would come back, but here I am. I’m glad I kept my account. Plus, you have 15 trades, wouldn’t want to lose that.

Why do we lose all our best members? First JohnnyJ and now you. Thank you for being an awesome person and one of YYE’s best. It was great to get to know you a little and it was amazing to have someone here who thought the exact same thing about every aspect of yoyoing as I did. Seriously, thank you for being here.

Good times my friend, good times. Good luck in your endeavors, have a blast.
See you later. :wink:


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Wow, all the love. ;D Thanks for all the kind words guys.

@Pajama Man
Thank you. Nice to know you too, man. Take care.

Thank you. Yes, they do. Best of luck to you in the future as well.

Thank you. Take care.

Thank you. If I ever have something to say about yoyo, or to the community, I will do it when I start making videos. I absolutely remember you! I remember all the SPYY fans that were on here when I was. I hope to make it to Worlds this year, but I’m not going to promise anything. I’ve got a lot going on right now. I finally got my degree in physical therapy! I will be starting a new job next week! Me and my girl are getting a new place soon, talking about finally getting married, and maybe even starting a family! Life is good. You really can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Yoyoing proves that. Take care, man. I wish you the best.

Thank you. Best of luck to you as well.

Thank you. “Ink Pot,” right? Beautiful colorway. I’m so glad you are still enjoying it! Take care, man.

Thank you. Good times indeed! You are without a doubt my favorite person on the forums. Thank YOU for being an awesome person. It was so cool to make those connections that we did! Take care. I wish you the best. Stay awesome, my friend.

Thanks again, guys. I plan on making videos one of these days, so maybe you will see me on Youtube. I don’t yoyo for anyone’s recognition but my own. Yoyoing is art to me. It should be personal. Not scored or graded. I have no desire to ever be sponsored, or to try and get my name out there. So, I have no desire to post videos here in the future. I do want to make videos though, because, just like I hang my paintings on the wall, art should be displayed and enjoyed. It’s not about recognition, it’s about sharing, soul and heart, pieces of yourself, so that you may spark something inside others, so that they just might see new beauty and possibilities in the world, and in themselves, to inspire.

Yoyoing - a form artistic expression earned through perseverance and will

I will also be going to competitions in the future. Not to compete, but for the people and the experience.

So, yeah, I hope that I do see you guys later!

Take care and best wishes, everyone.


  • Jerrod
    dont leave, see how many people will miss you!
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You’re quality dude!

Don’t delete, just take a break and come whenever.

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Hey! I never left. ???

I went over and sat down on the bench maybe, but I never actually left the stadium.

Jerrod, you will be missed.

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bye bye! Hope the wind Will take you back here some other time when you have a reason to post!

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I feel you man. You’re pretty spot on. Forum is not needed to enjoy the hobby and there are tons of people who don’t use the forums but still throw. Until next time mang

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Knew it, haha.



Im too new here to remember you…

By the way, im the coolest kid on the block :wink: haha