Where/When do you yoyo most?

I was looking around and not seeing any new threads so I decided to make a thread. And my thread is asking you two simple question “Where do you yoyo most often and why?” and “When do you yoyo most and why?”. As for me I tend to yoyo a lot in my room due to having access to my library of music and being able to watch videos to help me but I also like to yoyo in my living room a lot too because I have a lot of room there and don’t have to worry about hitting anything like the fan. And when is at 1,2,3am/pm I don’t know why but those time work well for me. And if it comes to people who yoyo most some where due to them having to, I ask “Where do you like yoyo most?”. Feel free to answer one,both, or none of the questions.

No replies yet I suppose everyone’s asleep…
Sorry couldn’t resist making this thread 20% cooler…

I yoyo mostly in my room and at school. Or just in line at someplace. I use it as a time killer a lot of the time.

Yeah I yoyo in lines at restaurants. I just put my ear buds in and yoyo till I make it to the front.

P.S. Yay first “real” response!

I yoyo everywhere I can.

But you have to tend to yoyo more in some places than others…

My room is a good place for the same reasons you said. I also like our front hall becuase of how open it is. Other then those I tend to yoyo any where there’s enough room to throw a wide Breakaway.

Indoors somewhere soft like my carpet. Good thing is, my carpet area is HUGE and has no hard objects around. Execpt for walls.

I like to throw outside…get some fresh air and really enjoy the time that i have to throw ;D

I mostly yoyo in the living room because I can yoyo and watch TV at the same time

Back Yard. I like being outside and the grass is soft.

Generally about a 9 inches to a foot behind my yoyo.

Other than that, I generally yoyo outside, but I love yoyoing at my local park.

Room. Carpeted, and has music

Considering I’m an insomniac, I mostly yoyo at 1 AM while in my room.

Wow I yoyo in my room at 1,2, or 3 sometimes, mostly 1:00am though. Just for that I’m adding “when” to the the question!

I mostly throw at home, my GF’s house, and work, but I always have a yoyo with me so I pretty much can throw anywhere I go. I don’t have a specific time either.

I love throwing outside when it’s nice and not too windy (sometimes hard in KS), but typically I’m somewhere in my house. If it’s late I’ll be in my room (music!!) but during the day I’m usually somewhere with more room around the house. I yo-yo while in line for stuff, at school, all kinds of places and all kinds of times.

For me, I try to yoyo everywhere I go, when there space. However, when there are others around me watching, I tend not to yoyo, as I would feel nervous. :-\

I generally take a late lunch so right now I yoyo in front of my work. Back when school was in my most common time was about noonish in front of the math building. Out doors has been my general place even though I prefer in doors for the softer less dirt covered floors. Problem is I almost never can throw in the spacier rooms with out getting a parental spasm. Well I’m getting closer and closer to getting a place of my own. Just gotta get some more school outta the way.