Where to go from a DV888?


Does anyone have a good suggestion for a good step up from a DV888? I’m looking for something around the same diameter, but that’s faster and that I can use for inner ring grinds… All metal is best.


how about an 888? or a wooly marmot
what’s your price range?

I wanted to go with something a little bit more different from a DV888 than an 888, but the Wooly Marmot is definitely a consideration. Price range is probably around $130.

Do you think that a Radian or Ronin would work?

take a look at the quark by string theory its undersized and has a pretty good lip for thumb grinds

I would look at the genesis

Go for a Yuuksta, I kept the my Yuuksta and sold my DV888

I was in the exact same predicament as you more than a year ago. “Where do I go now?” I’ve only owned a Duncan reflex before this.

I was given a Superstar by my wife when I got home after owning my DV888 for about 4 months. I wanted something the same size as the DV888 but the Superstar was not as large as I had anticipated. When people say fullsize, or large, you shouldn’t be intimidated. The superstar is bigger than the DV888 but it feels great. It’s not overly cumbersome.

Recently I have received a Yuuksta and agree it is much better than the DV888. I carry it everywhere with me. However I keep the DV888 for 5a. Since it’s already beat up.

Having said all this. Don’t feel limited. A lot of new yoyoers will limit themselves to undersized for irrational reasons. If you really do prefer that after trying full sized for a while then fine. But don’t put off the chance to try them. Most players prefer full sized for the stability and level of play they provide.

My first all metal was a Boss. I had that for about 2 months before I decided that I did not really care for the size. I then moved on to a Superstar and thought initially that that was an awesome yoyo. I loved it. It is smooth, has a perfect size, and is awesome. I bought the Superstar used so it didn’t cost me much money so I decided that I’m gonna pull the trigger and buy a brand new yoyo.

I bought a Genesis and let me tell you, hands down the best yoyo out of these three. I play with the Genesis all of the time now and take the Superstar with me if there is any chance for a boo boo. The Genesis play amazingly on the string. It is super super smooth and the perfect weight. I have also recently aquired a Primo and that is a nice yoyo too but no where near as amazing as the Genesis.

I would go with the Genesis any day of the week. That grey with blue splash that is in the Shop section looks awesome!

Yes I know as you can tell I have not branched out from Yoyofactory besides my original Dark Magic but for the Prices and selection you can’t go wrong. All of the Yoyofactory yoyos offer something different and you gotta find the yoyo that best suits you. I found the Genesis!

Exactly ^^ That is the issue. There is a yoyo for everyone you just have to find it. And comparing stats from what you own to throws you want seldom helps. Stats are very misleading. It’s all about shape and weight placement.

Where Starsaber found the Genesis to be his preference over a Superstar and Boss. I found the Superstar to be my preference.

The good news is that it is easy to trade good metals for others. And every yoyo you buy today will be capable of taking you to new levels of performance.

Thanks for the advice. I’m considering full size yoyos more now, and I think I’ll probably wait for the Septopus to come out and then get that when it enters full production.