Dv888 Or Raptor

i dont know what i should buy they are bouth the same price and i cant decide
help, YYF DV888 or Duncan Raptor

They play about the same, so just choose the one that you like the shape of and the colors. Size,weight,gap size, and price ($5 makes a difference), are all things to consider when buying a new yoyo. Or you could do eanie, meanie,minie,mo,as you will love witch ever one you’ll choose.

Ha, a month ago, I was asking this. But I chose the Raptor. The Raptor has been claimed to be smoother than the Dv888. They both have barely any vibe, in play they play the same tricks.

Dv888 features a H-Shape while the Raptor features a nice round sharp edge butterfly shape.

But the Raptor comes in many different colors, 2 removable caps for different weight and feel, 2 extra response pads (3 in total), nice laser engraving.

If you ask around, you might find that ther Dv888 is the choice or the best but I personally think that it’s just over-rated. You can go with either, both aren’t a bad choice, just giving my opinions. Also Preinfalk and Acavando are great people to ask about this.

If i am correct (which I think I am), the Dv888 is undersized(?). The raptor is full sized. That makes a difference. under-sized and full-sized makes a really big difference when it comes to playing.

Well, when I think of full sized, I think of the PGM or Legacy that actually takes some energy to wrap your fingers across. You can easily hold the Raptor or wrap your fingers around.
(This is what I used to think)

Yes, the Raptor is full sized but I’m just saying, that Raptor is full sized that it’s not so “big”.

i have both yoyo…their great!!! so either one
:smiley: :smiley: ;D