Where to buy yoyos in Sta. Cruz CA?

Someone know?

Do you need to do it at a store? Why not just online it is better here anyway. I don’t know about any outlets or whatever for YYE or any company it caries.

More online retailers deliver nationwide(United States) if not World Wide.

If you’re gonna be in place for a bit, this might be the way to go. I get my coast to coast shipments from YYE in typically 3 days: Order Monday, have it Thursday(sometimes Wednesday). Orders from Orlando take a few extra days due to the postal service in Florida being crappy. Orders from Japan take 3-4 days. Orders from another retailer near the Bay Area takes the same amount of time as from YYE, which is strange since they are only 60 miles from me. It goes through Oakland, which I think makes it clear why there are delays.

I don’t know of any placed in Santa Cruz. I was there for a day visit, but hitting the Boardwalk doesn’t count as far as really exploring the city. After that it was onto Monterrey and Carmel, which was an hour away and I wasn’t looking for any yoyos.

Toys R Us, if one is near by(there is) may have some in stock but nothing that’s gonna “wow” you. Other than that, not much shows up on a Google search.

Lol, that Oakland statement is so true xD
I live in fremont, and the only places I have found yoyos are at toys r us(like studio said) and sometime at Big 5, the sports store.

They basically just sell Some duncans and yomegas, which r good for beginners, but if ur already experienced, your best bet is to order online :stuck_out_tongue:

The yoyo business is perfect for online retail. Therefore the entire Earth is your marketplace.

Toys r us, kaleidoscope on Bay in capitola has pgms, protostars, basic yyf stuff. There MIGHT be smaller toy stores, but expect duncan, yomega, lower end yyf.

D&J hobby in San Jose has a decent Duncan stock.

I was there the other day and saw the strix, and flipside; as well as free hands, and some others. Their prices are good compared too