Canadian yoyo stores?


Are there any Canadians on here that know of any stores that sell yoyos and or replacement parts (like bearings, response pads, string, etc.)?

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YoYoExpert ships to Canada. :wink:


I think he wants an actual store.


Hey man, where in Canada do you live? I live in Toronto, I know couple of stores downtown, they have some yyj and yyf and few others … So if you’re in Toronto area send me a PM and well pick it up from there :slight_smile:


We can’t name any other yo-yo companies on the YYE forums. Think about it.


You’re talking to OP right ?



Just making sure you guys don’t actually post the names here or the mods get angry lol.

But then again, I find it funny when the mods flip out.


there’s a whole thread on physical stores I think they don’t want you posting online stores. I may be wrong though.


I’m in Ottawa, and I meet all my yoyo needs with YYE.

There’s one store locally that has an OK selection of Duncans (Raptor, for example) but that’s about it. For strings, just generic slick-6 multi-color packs. No bearings, axles, or anything specialized like that.

So yeah, YYE. :wink:



Physical stores? I thought you meant online Canadian yo-yo stores.

In that case, the only store I can think about is Toys R Us. Not sure if they have those up there. Good selection of cheap yo-yo’s to use or in case you need parts fast.


Alas, selection may vary. I was at one that had a few Yomegas, a few Yo-Yos, and that was it.


I guess it varies too. The one I went to had a whole rack section full of yo-yo’s. Duncan and Yomega.


Oh, yeah forgot about that rule


If you’re talking online stores, I can say this: there are no Canadian online stores that touch YYE for price and selection, even counting shipping. I recently discovered during a transaction with a fellow Canadian that shipping within Canada is a hair more expensive than shipping cross-border.

Nutty, eh?


I went to this one Hobby shop down here in PA and they had some Yoyojam’s, but they’re closed now. :’(