YoYoJam is now in Canada

Hey everyone…just letting you know that YoYoJam is now at toy stores across Canada. There are only at independent toy stores. Please help us out and ask for them.


Are there any in winnipeg or manitoba for that matter!!! I sure hope there are

As of yet no store in Winnipeg has ordered (not to many toy stores there) but we just sent the info pack out last week. It’s best, if you don’t mine, to ask them to order. The stores need to see that there is a community across Canada and that they need to carry high quality ones.


is toys r us involved with this?

Can you let me know if they start coming to canada.

No Toys R Us are not involved. There are strictly at non mass market toy stores.

Hey fellow Canadians…until more stores get on board you can buy directly from me. They will be the same price as in the stores. I can ship only within Canada and shipping will be free.

Just send me a message.


Any luck in British Columbia? :-[

Can there be any YYJ stores in Europe :-[

Does YYE not send to Canada? I mean they are a store owned by a YYJ employee right? Or is Andre still employed by them. I think he is.

What toy stores do have yoyojam so far?