yoyo shops in my area?

does anybody know if there are any shops in Japan. also it has to be in the tokyo setagaya area.

I thought you lived in Canada?

I do but I`me going on a school trip to there.

Lucky Duck. The biggest trip in school I do is Harrisburg, and I’m still in PA!

yah we also go to edmonton, ottawa, quebec, and assisippi.

well since your heading to tokyo
Theres a store called spingear but i’m not too sure on the adress

do they sell decent yoyo’s

yeah they have a pretty wide variety of yoyos
they have a website but its in japanese
heres a video

as you can see on the walls theres a pretty big selection

Just wanted to let everyone know that YoYoJam is now available in Canada at your local independent toy store. Please support the cause and ask your neighborhood toy store for more details.