🌐Around the world...🌐


my family and I are planning to go sabbatical for one year, we are going to travel around the world (I will take my yoyos with me)! I was wandering if some of you guys knows some yoyo stores anyplace on the planet earth.
It would be very appreciate to post it’s address.

Thank you very much🌐


Spin gear

Google it.



Have fun on your trip, you should do around the world everytime you stop at a new place.


You might see how long you’ll be at certain places. You can have stuff shipped to either where you will be or where you are.

Another thing you might want to do is get a really nice case, fill it with yoyos, accessories, bearings, response pads, flowable silicone(if you use it), lube, tools, string(lots and lots and lots of string) and what-not and be prepared to dig in for the long haul and assume you’re gonna be on your own for this.

Also make sure you have the variety you need. This might be a good time to get a pair together for 3A, a pair of loopers for 2A, something for 4A and some CW’s for 5A play. Get a wood fixed axle or two. If you’re into other skill toys, make sure you’re set up for those too.


There are many, one of the coolest should be in Chico ca, they have alll the metals, plastics and if you come on Saturday, you can get a free lesson from there expert instructors (including gentry stein!) and they have a bunch of yoyos for display, signed, old, even the biggest yoyo on earth! Its cool…

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If you find yourself in the Redondo Beach area of Southern California, check out the Redondo beach kite shop. They have tons of throws and some nice rarities as well. They also have a yearly contest as well. :slight_smile:


or in chicago IL, cat and mouse store on Michigan ave. I believe sells a wide assortment of yoyos.

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Stop by in Prague, we have two mortar stores specialized on yo-yos(even high-end brands like Clyw and yoyorecreation).


Read this thread.


Maybe YoYo Loco


Thanks, I’ll post on this thread every single place I’ll make “around the world”. :globe_with_meridians:


Make a video of you doing “Around the World” in different parts of the world.


Good idea,
I’ll post it on YouTube and give you guys the link in one year!