Where to buy flowable silicone?

I want some flowable silicone, but I don’t want to buy it off the internet. Is this sold at hardware stores, and does any type of flowable silicone work?

I’d recommend checking out an automotive store. Most types of silicone should work, but I would get High Temp RTV Silicone. RTV Silicone is more durable than flowable although it is a little harder to apply. You’ll have your choice of colors, but red is the most popular among yo-yoers.

I found both red and clear at our local ACE hardware.
They had many different kinds in different quantities, and at a great price.
ACE, true value, any local hardware stores should have some.

One of my friends even got some from the local 99cent only store!

Good luck!

J. :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks, I will try some High Temp RTV silicone. I just am wondering how is it harder to apply than other silicone?

Since it is not flowable, it won’t just “flow” into place like flowable silicone does. I wouldn’t say it’s that much harder, though.

What type of silicone’s do just “flow” into place?