Flowable Silicone

I’d love to see flowable silicone in the shop. Right now, that what’s keeping me from buying my next yoyo from here, as I want to buy everything at the same time because of expensive shipping.

I’m sure you have an auto parts store or even a Walmart somewhere near you, even in another country. Either of those should have flowable silicone. It’s used for windshield repair.

I have checked most stores that are anywhere close to me, without success.

Maybe search around the Internet a bit for a shop that’d ship to you.
Whats an auto shop near you?

have you try looking for RTV?
or gasket maker?

it happen to me, i asked everywhere and no one have an idea about flowable, but when i’m asking RTV or gasket maker, they have it.

but apetrunk, thats the point. thats like saying “I’m sure you have a bearing company near you, they would sell yoyo bearings”. Its all about convenience. It’s a yoyo website, its meant to sell items that you probably can get at a store near you, but they sell them on a website for convenience. :wink:

Yes, but I’m pretty sure auto parts stores are a lot more common than yoyo stores. Heck even bearings in the right size probably aren’t super easy to find.

I’m not trying to argue, think of it this way, would a yoyoer go to a yoyo store first to buy his yoyo supplies, or would he go to an auto parts store first?

If what he’s looking for could be found in an auto parts store for cheaper, probably.

yes, it would be more expensive, but that is like comparing a bearing factory to an online specialty store that sells the same thing? ;D

You can find it Jetboy, it’s just about getting up and looking for it, and not just wanting to buy everything from a one-stop yoyo shop on the internet

Well, this is a great discussion. We just have to be civil about it and defend our sides.

What if you have no yoyo store nearby? You could order online, pay the same price, then add shipping, and have to weight 2-3 days for it to come.

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Thanks Apetrunk

The only RTV I found was like 65 bucks. (And it was probably a lifetime supply lol.) Can’t be arsed to buy that much.


I just now understood your name Danger!

he RTV that you were looking at probably comes in a giant tube that you need a cawking device for. Here, this is the stuff you want: (check out each of these links) (you also get to choose your color (exciting)) ;D


Mind sharing your thoughts? :slight_smile:

@jetboy: Those are not anywhere close to me, though.


No Wal-marts in Sweden.

Like Doppleganger!!!