sell silicone by the bottle.

I think that yoyoexpert should sell flowable (clear silicone) and gasket maker/RTV. A lot of yoyoers like to silicone their yoyos from scratch. This requires silicone (by the bottle). It can be hard to find this, this is also why it would be a good addition.

Anyone who agrees with me, please reply and type “agree”. Lets get this petition going!!

This is exactly like the topic you JUST posted in.

And again, silicone is not that hard to find, any auto repair store has it, it’s just a matter of not being lazy and looking for it.

I Didnt post ANYTHING related to this topic before i posted this. Look/think before you post :wink:

The same thing.  Oh who’s name is that?

Look/THINK before you post. :wink:

Calm down guys.

But yes, Q is right. The whole idea of that other topic was to ask that flowable silicone be put into the shop.

That’s a REPLY not a topic. And i’m not here to argue.

He didn’t state that you created the other topic, he just pointed out that this topic is exactly like the one you posted IN.

whatever, the outcome goal of this topic is different than the other one, thats why i posted it, thats all. ::slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, how at all is it different?

This is a petition, the other one was just a topic

Or you could just post in the other topic, stating that you agree.

you just can’t stop , can you?

Ah, now I see

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I went out and looked in the auto section of my local Kmart then in Smiths Market place, just figured that Walmart and target would have it by default, and I decided to quit before going to any automotive stores to look for silicone. After 2 minutes in K mart without asking anyone for help I found like 6 different brands of gasket stuff, or as we know it flowable silicone. With prices between 3 and 4 bucks.

Gasket maker and flowable are not the same thing and are not known by the same name, Buddy Jim.

jetboy, just calm down…
Also you can find one at 99cents store

no, no no. It’s the at least a dollar store after tax.

:o My mistake I thought I read that some where. What is flowable silicone known as. Or does it just say flowable silicone on the bottle?

It says flowable.


Gasket maker:

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