Where is flowable silicone available?

I have used the search bar and didn’t find what I’m looking for…

Where can I buy flowable silicone ( online prefered, local stores kinda acceptable( I live in the sticks))

Most auto parts stores carry it, they will probably be your best bet. :wink:

Kragen is where I get mine. Any auto store works though.

i got mine from fred myers

Is flowable silicone better than getting the friction disc? Do you have to sand them down a bit so they are even after applying it?

It lasts much longer than friction discs. You smooth it when you apply it so unless you make a real mess that should be it. It’s not sandable in any event. You would need to trim it w/a razor blade if it’s too high. Or just take it out and re-do it.

Cool thanks.

I got some from another online store. What I found is that a index card works REALLY well for scraping off the excess silicone off the top. Scrape it across the yoyos ring, and wipe it off with a klenex. It works REALLY well for me. Also, poke the top of the tube to guide the silicone with a needle. It takes much more squeezing but it’s WAY more accurate.
Made my first siliconing job way less painful.

Other online yoyo stores usually have some sort of flowable silicon, but auto parts stores are really good places, too. There are different kinds like windshield repair glass sealer silicon or red gasket maker, and you might be able to get them different places.

Check any hardware store, and auto department store. You can also check Target.
There are also different types. RTV is my favorite, because they have different colors and works great.