Flow silicone

I have been seeing things about flowable silicone, is it worth the trouble? Is it hard to get right? Durability vs solid pads? Balance issues?

(I’m a wheel and tire guy, balance is important!)

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It’s not hard to get right and balance isn’t an issue. Response is just as good as standard pads but they don’t last as long. Much cheaper than pads though


So it’s a matter of cost😎

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Where is the best place to get flowable silicone for pads?

When Yoyoexpert gets some monkey snot back in, give that a try. Easier to apply than some others.

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The YYE store carries the Permetex flowable silicone that most people use.


Like rtv gasket silicone?


Like this: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/yoyoexpert/products/flowable-yoyo-silicone?variant=18871072324

Most auto parts stores carry it.

Yeah, if you’re in a hurry, go buy it from any hardware or auto parts store.

If you’re not in a hurry and you like to shop with your keyboard (instead of your car), then buy it from YYE!