Which flowable silicone should I get?


Went to the hardware store, and there were many options. I took pictures.



Try to find some permatex that stuff is what I found to be the best


Ok i’ll look. Maybe at home depot…


But still, has anyone used any of the ones pictured?


I believe it has to say “flowable” silicon on the label. I think that means it is self-leveling.


Lots of silicone work but the best I’ve found is permatex silicone is easy to work with and is a really nice response and you can find most of their products can be found at an auto parts store like oriely’s or autozone.


The ones pictured arent flowable… Ives used the red one before when i didnt have flowable and let me say, it works fine, but is harder to apply and doesnt last nearly as long as flowable… It will last only a few days to a week or heavy play.


^^This is the one you want.^^

None of those others are flowable.


This is definitely the one you want. I buy it from Advance Autoparts normally but now that I know it is sold here I will pick it up with a future order.


Go to an auto store, like O Rileys or something like that, and find a small tube that looks like toothpaste that says windshield sealant.


Yup. Just echoing what others have said: it’s the flowable windshield sealant (I also use the Permatex one) that you want. The others are caulking; a different formula from windshield sealant. Caulking is rather soft, meaning it’s not going to hold up to much use and abuse.


Ok thanks guys. Ill probly find it at some auto store.