Permatex Silicone

Hey guys, So I was checking Walmart to see if they had flowable. The only silicone they had in stock are Clear RTV adhesive sealant. Is this okay to use to replace the response in my yoyo?

Edit: Is this stuff self-leveling like flowable?

Here’s a picture to what the silicone looked like.

it’s fine that’s what I use on my yo-yos  it’s fine.

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yup. A lot of people use permatex. And it will self level.

I use it, and thats what YYE sells :wink:

Permatex makes a bunch of stuff. Yes, you can use it. RTV silicone is a common type for response! However, if it does not specifically say “flowable” on it, it’s not going to be self-levelling. The packaging looks almost identical, but don’t be fooled!

Plenty of people have good success with regular ol’ non-flowable RTV, though.


Sure, you can, but I found it doesn’t work very good, isn’t self leveling and starts to skin FAST. It ain’t flowable.

I know. I just bought some for use with doing a minor repair on m spotlight lenses to re-seal them to their holder.

If you can’t order the stuff from YYE, then take a good look at the picture and ensure you get the same stuff. Look at that part number in the lower right hand corner area.

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Most auto stores have flowable silicone buddy(Autozone, Oriley’s, etc.). Might want to check them out.