I recently went to Ace Hardware and picked up some %100 silicone for my yoyos.
It said it was compatible with aluminum, and all that jazz. It is water proof, and translucent.
My question was if it was safe to use…
Will it stick to the yoyo and never come off? does it work well? Is it relative to flowable silicone?


If it’s clear silicone, no, it’s not safe to use. Merely opening the tube will cause all the water in your house turn into hydrochloric acid.

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to use. It’ll perform much like every other [clear] silicone on the market. Just try it out.

Also…the percent sign goes after the number. You don’t say “percent 100”.


Ok, so what is the difference between this sealant and flowable silicone?

(Waylon) #4

It’s the same stuff. It’s silicone, and it flows. There are lots of different types of flowable silicone and lots if different brands. I’m sure what you have is fine.


The stuff I found also did not indicate “flowable”. I believe this stuff will create a “bead” rather than self-levelling. You will probably need to use a card or other implement in order to level it flush with the yoyo walls.

I can’t find “flowable” around here, either (tried Princess Auto, Home Hardware. Still need to try Canadian Tire), so I was willing to try the other stuff.

Makes me wonder: would clear silicone caulking (ie the kind used in bathrooms) work just as well? I’m sure I have a massive tube of the stuff somewhere.


I’ve tried the window caulking. It works, but not very well.


I prefer RTV gasket maker any auto parts store or Kmart will have it. I like the red.


Really? I hated that stuff. It didn’t apply easily and the binds aren’t as good as clear sili. IMO, anyways.


I am the opposite. I feel the clear is so hard to remove when I need to reapply. The RTV comes out cleaner than pads and I have found it can even do shallow recesses. To each their own.

(Aaron~) #10

I agree red gasket maker is my favorite. I think it looks nice and it feels very smooth.


I’ll give ya that :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean I’m not knocking the stuff, it works great. But the smell might kill you.


I dunno what it is, but Princess Auto, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart’s Auto Shop… Home Hardware… all of the usual suspects here in Ottawa, Canada, seem to have only Permatex stuff, but NOT the “flowable” silicone. I will probably just order some, but out of curiousity, do any of these 3 Permatex products work (of course, I would have to get them clean and flush myself if they’re not flowable… that’s a given)?

a) Clear Silicone (not flowable)
b) Red High-Temperature gasket maker
c) Black gasket maker

Keeping in mind, these colors are for the Permatex line.


Permatex makes a flowable silicone. I can’t find any in my town that says ‘flowable’ on the tube, but I use Permatext Clear RTV Silicone. Not sure how it’s different, but it works great.

I’ve also tried the red gasket maker, which is pretty similar to ILYY’s SILYYcone. It doesn’t apply very easily, but it works pretty good.

Haven’t tried the black, but I’ve heard it works, just not as well.


You can’t find flowable in Canadian Tire? Check the automotive section. I can get it in here Calgary.


Nope, I was shocked, too. Plain ol’ clear, yes. Flowable (the exact one sold here at YYE) nope. They did have a sweet organizer I almost bought as a yoyo case, mind you… the $35 price tag gave me cause for delay, though. :wink:


I tried the clear silicone (non flowble) and it worked great. It just took an exceptional amount of breaking in.


Finally got lucky today. The third Canadian Tire location I had visited actually had the flowable, so I grabbed a tube. My first victim will be a PGM stackless. Then the Lyn Fury. :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried the black but those all work.