Silicone question


I recently went to Ace Hardware and picked up some %100 silicone for my yoyos.
It said it was compatible with aluminum, and all that jazz. It is water proof, and translucent.
My question was if it was safe to use…
Will it stick to the yoyo and never come off? does it work well? Is it relative to flowable silicone?


Bring it back and buy something from the auto-parts store or at least intended for automotive usage. I’ve found the bathroom/shower/tub/sink sealer stuff doesn’t work all that good. Safe to use? Yes. Safe for the yoyo? Shouldn’t harm it, be it metal or plastic. Is it the right stuff for the job? No.

Not to say Permatex is the only brand(it isn’t), you want either flowable window sealing clear or gasket making. YYE has even gone as far as to carry the Permatex clear flowable silicone. A tube can run you anywhere from $4-7 and will silicone at least 20 yoyos, and if you save your waste, you can probably stretch that to 50. Of course, if you save your waste, you need to use it immediately!

There were several threads about this topic earlier this year. The answers always ended up being “you have the wrong product”