General purpose silicone or official yoyo silicone?



Just wondering if anyone has compared official yoyo silicone to just general purpose silicone?

I only ask, as I noticed the silicone in my main throw has started wearing out and is in dire need of being replaced. I have a few tubes of general purpose silicone lying around and was wondering if it is suitable for the response or should I go for the official yoyo silicone?



The only question you need to know is “is it flowable?” Yo yo silicone is no different then regular flowable silicone, so if the stuff you have is flowable, I would just use that.


Well I wouldn’t call it flowable as its used for sealing around baths and kitchen worktops to stop water ingress.

I was thinking I could just squirt it into the recess and scrape off the excess.

Would this work? If its too much of a pain I’ll just order the proper stuff.


Over the years, I believe all the silicones in the world have been tested and the most suitable for the yoyo response system has proven to be the Arexons Motorsil D, these major advantages it offers:

  • it is self-leveling, thus minimizing internal air bubbles
  • has very short drying times, after 20 minutes of application it is possible to remove excess material and after one hour the yoyo is playable
  • it has a long life as it is consumed very little and does not destabilize over time.


It might work, but it also might be messier and harder to work with.

You don’t need to buy any yo-yo specific silicone, the one we sell is Permatex which is a thinner windshield/glass type of silicone sealant. It works well, and you might be able to find something similar at a local store if you don’t want to wait for shipping.

Here’s the link to it for reference:


well this is a good silicone, it has longer drying times but it works very well … I think it is the silicone that the CLYW used on its yoyos before the Snow Tires pads


Thanks for all the advice!

I’d like to use something hard wearing just to save me doing it over and over again.

The throw I’m using it on is my peak, so I don’t really want to mess it up. I might try the stuff I have on a cheaper throw just to see how it works but I do like the sound of the permatex stuff.

I suppose the flowable silicone requires less work on my part, which sounds appealing.


Yes, it will work. Just takes a little more effort to get it smoothed out. Use your finger wetted or a plastic spoon to smooth it out.



I’ll give it a go and maybe post some pics when its done.


This is my favorite response method. Easy, fast, and cheap.


is in Italian, the only thing to know is to not remove the surplus when the silicone is still fresh but wait for twenty minutes to dry out in order to remove it easily


Great video persson! I’ll have to pick up a syringe to make the application easier.


Another tip, the caps of these silicones are often defective and they break (I’m talking about motorsil.d). To prevent the silicone from drying in the packaging, it should be stored in the refrigerator and you may, from the beginning, pour the contents of the tube into syringes.