Where should I go now?

So I’ve reached a point where I can do some advanced tricks like suicides and I can put together a few combos. My question is where should I go now or what tricks should I learn to step my game up?

Well now is the point where you start to come up with your own stuff… Pick a mount and then see where you can go from there… Or you could pick up a new style.

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What he said and make sure you can do the Magic Drop. Fun. Spirit Bomb is good to know too.

Point is – scour youtube and see what’s there. There are a lot of tricks and moves out there to assimilate.

tryd suicide variashuns yet? set yo on fire nd jump off bulding.

or mabe try liek sum kewl trik liek laserashon trik, jus cut urself by accident n stuf.

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I’ve been working on magic drop for a while now. Just can’t seem to figure it out. I’ll work on it more though thanks guys

What I like to do is:

Make up a mount (I usually like to go into a kink mount and either go over or under some strings and land on something.)

Close the eyes and think of a letter.

The first one that comes to mind I make into a word related to a yoyo maneuver or direction. For example: (Z, zig-zag, A, across.)

Incorporate that move/direction into the mount.


Once I get pretty far, I look at the mount and think of a cool way to dismount. (This part usually takes the longest.) Some basic things are: Slack/whip out of the mount, gt/andwhut, hop out, go directly into a bind, or go into a flop.

Once you get good and realize “string theory”, you can logically make moves up using flow as a calculator.

Watch the pros. I can’t do the tricks they do, but parts of their tricks you can incorporate into yours. Some of the tricks they do are just really flashy, and can be easily done. :slight_smile:



You may thank me later.

Rethinkyoyo is good. Just go to YouTube there are lots of good people to subscribe to on there that have plenty of stuff to learn.