Where is yoyostringlab based?


Where is yoyostringlab based? Cuz i need to know soon i need string fast i dont want shipping to take long


Based out of California.


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Just FYI this is the location of like 75% of yoyo related stuff…


Didnt know considering yye is in boston and yoyofactory and game daze is in arizona


And youve got One Drop, Madhouse, and Toxic Strings in Oregon

Haha true



 Also true

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Ok, West Coast lol


And japan and china too lol

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West coast and Asia are probably 50/50 now that I think about it more


gstring - outta canada.

gstring…makin’ quality strings since '05. before the rest, still the best. gstring - put this in your gap!




Everybody forgot about CLYW in Canada?

Haha forgot i dont own a clyw yet so i forgot but gonna buy one soon


C3 in Hong Kong! Btw yye is not based out of Boston, it’s based in Northhampton which is about 2 and half hours away from Boston. Doesn’t seem like a huge thing, but it is when your 15 and can’t drive :frowning:


I just had to put this…

Are you from canada?

Ohh that sucks well i live in new york and there are no yoyoers near me at all


You serious? There are a couple people near me, but NY is huge. Have you tried looking for people?