string included w/ yyf yoyos


I just purchased my first YoYoFactory yoyo, the Lunatic. I’ve pretty exclusively used 100% poly, but decided to try the included string. It’s considerably softer than poly, and seems to work well for me. Just curious what it is. I’m thinking 50/50, but am not sure. Anyone know? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Well, YoyoFactory has their own branded strings made in Mexico along w/ other store brands. Im sure its YYFs own string.


Thanks, but I’m wondering about the type. Is it a poly string that is a softer grade, a 50/50 or something else?


Its 100% Poly Just YYF Brand of Highlights.


I’d take your word for it… since you’re you, but isn’t that where… um… the nation of yoyos, and that yo the get their string as well? I recall reading Mike stating they got their string from a factory in Mexico.


After Friday’s mishap, I’m definitely not convinced that it was 100% poly. The string snapped, as I haven’t had one do since my early days using cotton string. :frowning: I usually get a few days out of poly, this only lasted about a day, and that was light yoyoing.