What string comes with YYF throws?

So, I still have the old string that came on my 2012 Supernova that I swapped off, and recently used it. I love it so much, it’s really smooth and not rough on the hands. Does anyone know what string came with the Supernova 2012? Hopefully yoyofactoryben will pop in and see this :slight_smile:

I have that same yoyo. It comes with green YYF Official String. Go to the YYF’s Accessories page and you will see it there. I actually hate that string.

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I like it because it’s smooth on the hands. Everyone has their own opinion though. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Pretty sure it’s just standard (made in Mexico) 100% poly string.

Like this:

I do have a pack of that, but it doesn’t feel the same.

I’ve got a couple I’m not much for them I’ll trade you a couple of strings for them ( I have 3 or 4 blue,black,white, and 2 or 3 green/yellow) if you’re interested I’m not going to use them

I think it’s just YYF string. They’ve been using that for a while in most of their yoyos. I find it a bit smoother than YYE 100% poly.

Nothing bad, nothing amazing. Gets the job done. I can’t say anything bad about it. I just prefer different string.

I’m probably going to just get Kitty String standard then.

Yyf strings are made in Mexico I don’t remember the makers name but I got confirmation of this not long ago. I actually have 3 of the blue,black,& white and 2 of the yellow or green

It definitely feels different. I like the feel of the YYF string better than the YYE string, but it doesn’t last as long. And I can get the YYF string at a Learning Express close to my house for 25 cents each. Much cheaper than YYE string.

Did I get crappy at math in my old age, or is the YYE string in either 25 or 100 count packs not still cheaper at 20 and 15 cents each respectively?

YYE bulk string comes to around 12 cents a string… Even with shipping, it is still cheaper to get from YYE.

I get a 25% discount at Learning Express, so if I had to get string in a pinch, I could. However, I have well stocked myself on YYE, Type X and Trixtra string so I’m good for a bit.

I was actually mostly curious. if I’m going to try another string, it’s going to be Kitty.

You guys are so lucky to have learning expresses that are actually GOOD WITH YOYOS. All mine has is yomegas, and i was very surprised to see a yyf velocity there a few days ago. I asked if they had any other yyfs and they said no.

The two near me are a 30 mile drive. They are both operated by the same people and run YoLex meets on alternating weekends at each location. They also run multiple skill toy events. I’m also their “exclusive sound and production provider”.

Because of other things they got going on, they also carry a nice selection of YYF, YYJ, Duncan, some Yomega and Chico YoYo Company. Their YYJ inventory is a little shabby right now as they are selling and YYJ hasn’t re-supplied them yet, but I’m sure that will resolve itself soon. YYF is usually well in stock.

I think when the people operating the location have a big interest in skill toys, it really helps. They try to keep a lot of kendamas and yoyos in stock and it seems like nearly every time I go in, there’s someone who is at least knowledgeable on yoyos so their stores are properly represented from a customer service perspective.

In those regards, it’s kind of like YYE but with a much broader overall product selection.

Is learning express like Toys r us?