YoYoExpert Contest String is now Longer & Softer!

You spoke and we listened! YYE Contest String has been revamped and is now longer and softer than ever!

Good Yo-Yo string is essential if you want to get the most out of your yo-yo. Luckily we have come a far way from the basic cotton strings your grandfathers had.

100% polyester is the choice of professionals around the world and allows for completely smooth and unresponsive play on the right yo-yo. Available in 5, 25, or 100 counts with bright solid colors and special TWISTED editions!

5 Packs:

25 Packs:

100 Counts:

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Like how long is it, compared to Kitty Tall?

Definitely not as long as Kitty Tall, but it’s around the same length as normal Kitty String.

It comes up to Mid-sternum , and I’m 5’9". It’s too long for my tastes. Watching videos, it seems to be about the length you ‘younguns’ like to use. :wink: