yoyo string

What is the best string for all around play, but I also have just started with whips and slack tricks, so it can be good for that too. ??? ??? ???

Stuff like this;

well if you’re a beginner i would suggest 50/50…

I am not, but thanks anyway.

ignore everything people will try to say when they recommend fancy specialty string.

Just go for white 100% poly. Its honestly the best you can use. And there is really no need for anything more.

Don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, just listen to me, and you’re gonna go far kid. I can guarantee that.



100% poly is the most popular, and it’s what I like. Can’t go wrong with it.

I like bright colors, so my string is bright green.

I like the neon green. It helps me see the string better.

I also have the 100% poly in white too. I’m good for string for now. But I do have a small ordered planned so I’ll some string to that as well.