Where is Waldo?!? See how many yoyos you have sitting around you!!...


[b]Where is Waldo?!?

Look around your room from where you are sitting and see how many yoyos you can count!!!

No cheating don’t move anything! and you have to see the yoyo!

Also post which is your favorite!.. and Why?!?[/b]



I’m doing some inventory and just tracking to ensure everything is put away and located. I have a child who likes to take and destroy things. My boy often takes and doesn’t put back after playing a yoyo.

  1. Everything accounted for.

My new Ava, YoYofficer Aura, YYR Diffusion and Aoda Fly Blade are in transit. The new ava will arrive today.

Favorite? Does it even matter?


No No Studio42 :D… You have to be able to see them from where you are sitting!!!lol :smiley: ::slight_smile: :smiley:

I have 29 that I can see from where I’m sitting?

and my favorite right now does not have a name!..



I see one… my prtostar…mostly because i am not at my house and this is my travel yoyo. Its currently begging me to throw it and i cant resist much longer…


Do It!!!

(Owen) #6

I see half of the plastic ten yoyo that comes with their throws…

But I can see my closed case with about 8 yoyos in it


I see 4. A code 2, a 54, an unleashed, and a hyper warp wing. The Code 2 is probably my favorite of these 4, but the 54 is starting to grow on me as I experiment with different strings and side effects.


I had my laptop next to me checking inventory, so they were all in front of me in plain view. I’d have taken a picture of it but my wife has the camera and I have to get to work getting my truck prepared for my gig tonight.


You can’t argue with Studio42. Haven’t you read his sig?


8 that I can see some are hiding under some laundry. xD

Oh and one’s in my pocket but can’t very well see it there.

Favorite I guess would be the 54 but I like all my throws. :slight_smile:


Zero, though I have one (YYJ Titan) in my pocket


i can only see three, but i’m in the kitchen.

they are: Protostar, Genesis, Comeback avalanche.

my favorites the avalanche because it has a lot less vibe then my genesis, which is still a pretty smooth yoyo. it also is a really great size and weight.


I can see about 11 from my bed

And that no named yoyo might be one of my favorites


Hmm, just one. Some of my others silicone’s curing, so I thought I’d make today a ONE day. Just for the heck of it, to see what I could do. I’m sort of challenging myself. :slight_smile:


18 i’m lying in my bed and looking at my desk.


Around 10 and my favorite would probably the Burnside that is on the floor in front of me.


I can see 7. My favorite would have to be the gold ano comeback avalanche :slight_smile:


All I see right now is the string from my code1 coming from my pocket hanging around my neck. Everything else is safely in my case.


I’m in my friends living room.