Where have you been kicked out of?

I was throwing in a library and they asked me to leave so yea. I was bored waiting for my dad and just started throwing.

Hasn’t happened yet, back when I was in HS, I would take my Duncan Butterfly to school and teachers didn’t mind as long as I didn’t hit people.

Starbucks at a yoyo meet lol, so we went to Del Taco.

Almost got kicked out of a school skateboarding. I had skated that school many times but for once in my life I noticed the “No Skateboards” sign. My friend and I kinda pondered what to do, since we’d ridden a ways to get here. Finally I decided to play safe and head back home for a flatbar session.

Right as we decided to leave a school security car drives by ever so slowly…

lol we made the right choice.

A “California Adventure” worker gave me the evil eye and told me to stop yoyoing while I was waiting for my mom to come out of the restroom. hahaha I started throwing again later while I was waiting in a line for a ride, and the workers (not to mention the people around me) seemed really happy to watch. I don’t know how many times I’ve put on a show while waiting in a line for something.

he was jealous

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The exact same thing happened to me at disneyland. The security person at the entrance to one of the parks told me that I would be “Escorted” out of the park if they saw me throw in the park. The people in line were quite impressed with my skills.

crazy!! The same thing happened to me another time. Lol

Society…Just kidding.

I have more stories she is currently highly highly pissed off at me right lol

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Eh no need to insult me. Or my grammerz. Just having fun here.

Privlage checked

i once got kicked out of a microsoft store, then the next day i walked back in without a yoyo…

#rebel :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o