Have you ever been thrown out of somewhere for yoyoing

one of my goals in life is to yoyo with such mad skillz that i get thrown out of wal-mart, has anyone been thrown out of somewhere funny?

I was in Costco doing 2A and one of the employes asked me to leave.
true story.

I was in dicks sporting goods yoyoing with my friends and they said we had to leave cause it was too dangerous :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time yoyo near the guns and knives. Then say “its all a matter of perspective”.

Of course, maybe that’s why they have that name. Go figure…

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I was yoyoing in Wall Greens and when one of the employees asked to put it away, I said “Well, you sell yoyos right there,” that was when they sold Peterfish yoyos lol.

I was on vacation. We walked into a small shop that sold shirts, which were in fact, covering the walls. I started yoyoing and the guy said to stop it because I could break something. My thought was “sorry, I wouldn’t want to break one of your shirts.” But I just walked outside while my mom continued browsing.

I’ve never been thrown out of any place for yoyoing, but I used to get asked to stop pretty often. But that was when I was just starting out and didn’t look like I had much control over where the yoyo was going.

My girlfriend won’t let me yo-yo in her place. She is convinced that its going to fly off the string and hit her.

Fortunately, my yoyoing publicly has had pretty much positive response to indifferent response. However when I was younger and was yoyoing inside the house, my uncle who would be at the house often would get on my case for yoyoing inside. Of course I began to throw as soon as he went to the other room.

My cousin on the other hand wasn’t so fortunate. He was told that if he did that yoyo one more time inside the house, he’d smash it. Well, he did it and next thing I know, that purple USA-made Imperial went flying, bouncing, and slamming into the ground with no real results…finally, it was smashed. We afterwards converted it to a Butterfly as the only damage done to it was the axle getting pushed through one of the halves. Later we went down to Walgreens down the street and he bought a new one with his allowance he had.

Gotten kicked out of hotels, restaurants, and many places. I’m sure everybody does at some point, haha.

The main difference being that when you are inside dicks, the guns and knives are locked in cases, not flying around on the end of a string:)

But not the arrows :wink:

Touche… I don’t think they sell arrows with the points on them already though, do they?

No they all have threaded inserts. I guess its still symbolic though

They may be harder to shoot, but trust me, an arrow without a head can still do lethal damage.
(I shoot arrows, I know).

What do you shoot if I may ask? And yep they can be lethal. I guess it’s basically like shooting a blunt tip but lighter.

I got kicked from a bowling alley for starting a fight with a yoyo…

35 pound recurve bow with target tips and I think 28 inch aluminum shafts. I stopped shooting a while back after I moved. I found not having at least 100 feet between myself and the target wasn’t worth the challenge. I need a bigger backyard!

I can’t recall the brand. It’s a good brand though. Nice lamination on the wood.

Do the yoyo do something first? I swear, people should never give beer to a yoyo.

I know studio42, d42kn355 gives his vodka but I don’t think he has ever had a problem with his yoyo. ???
Here is his pic ;D