What have you done to yoyo

To what extent would you go or have you gone just to yoyo
How long have you been prohibited from yoyoing; and what happened
I find the longer I don’t yoyo the more I want to do it.

ex: I went to the dentist and got 8 teeth pulled out at one time. however, I still yoyoed with gauze in my mouth and some bodily fluids escaped(yuck).

ex: after waking up and yoyoing for a while my mom told me I needed to take a shower(Saturday in the summer). I yoyoed in the shower.


I haven’t done anything extreme.

When I first started, I had a nerve pinched in my neck, so I had to stop fairly early on to let it recover more.

I typically have to throw late at night. I work all day, then with kids and other garbage I gotta deal with, that’s the only time I get.

I yoyo’ed when I hurt my fingers really badly in basketball.

i tried and failed while yoyoing while biking down stairs. bad idea, dont try it!

Hmm… I probably have done something but I can’t remember it.

Recently though I threw in the bathroom lol.

Also, in the car… I had trouble throwing, luckily I had a hubtacked throw. :smiley:

When I started offstring I kept getting string burn on my fingers to the point where it would break skin and bleed. people kept asking about the multiple cuts I had all over my right hand fingers! I must of had over 12 of them.

When my parents take them away because they know I’m obsessed.

I die…

My parents took away my throws and said I needed a one week break. I went over to my friends house who throws and he let me borrow his speedmaker. I threw in secrecy at school!

This is why I have a protostar hidden in my room

Whenever my parents say I can’t throw I use my code 1 that has a dead quiet bearing(10 ball). So quiet and smooth especially with lube

I got really bad skin burns when I first started. It got bad enough that I told my parents to take it away… I asked for it back in 10 minutes. :wink:

I’ve yoyoed in the car;)

Yeah, but it is wrong to disobey parents.

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I have tried to yoyo in the car, and yoyo while swinging at the park. I didn’t do it because I had to yoyo, I did it because it sounded like a fun challenge.

We have to start watching my little brother’s weight, and my parents told me to set a good example to diet with him (which made me mad because I’m pretty skinny) It was my turn to go on the treadmill, and when nobody was looking, I pulled of a Braintwister combo, Barrel Rolls, Mach 5 and Split the Atom with my PSG. I tried to do sidestyle, but I almost fell off the treadmill. :slight_smile:

I used half of the string to yoyo in the car, I could do a few tricks too.

dude a yoyo workout! Thats freaking awesome!

I got kicked off a train last week for throwing and almost taking out the conductor with my Code 2…

Throwing while on a road trip ._. 888 with stacks :smiley:
Nothing else that hasn’t become normal by now

-the creep :wink: