What you have done for yoyos or to yoyo


Its 1:30am on a thursday morning and I’m yoyoing.

What lengths have you gone to

(edit: yeah its not that impressive but then again I have to wake at 6 every morning)


That’s nothing. Stay up all night and we’ll talk.


I got a new concave bearing for my yoyo and threw so much my silicone o rings fell out now I am waiting for my new ones to arive so I can yoyo again its been a day I miss it


I rarely have time to practice until like around 2AM, and I really want to move forward, so I do what I can at 2AM.

But what I done for yoyos? Nothing. My goal is personal enjoyment for stress relief and self amusement. Something fun to do that doesn’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t weigh a whole lot. Of course, I do plan to encourage others to take up the yoyo, It’s so much fun for me that I hope it’s fun for many other people.

What have I done to be able to yoyo? I make sure I have one handy at most times. I take my YYE medium bag everywhere. I throw when I can, where I can. As long as I’m having fun, that’s all I care about. I’m staying up late anyways since it’s hard to do a lot of work during the day, so after the rest of the house goes to bed, I have time to work. But after I work, I have to unwind. What better way to unwind than to throw for a bit?

What else do I do? I try to learn as much as I can. Not just how to do tricks, but how to maintain a yoyo and it’s parts. Cleaning bearings, replacing pads, dis-assembly and re-assembly, how to silicone, stuff like that. I share what I learn and in return, I get corrected for my errors and learn more.


hmm… I yoyo pretty much every night til about 2 or 3 in the morning, even though i have to work everyday at nine. I’d say the only real thing i have done FOR yoyoing is, I gave a kid on this forum A brand new in box Yomega maverick last week, because he really wanted to start and had no money, I try to encourage people to start whenever i get a chance. The yoyo (i hope) will go to a good home with someone who will enjoy it more than I. I hope you like it Tony!


Thats amazing I have given kids I have known a yoyo before to try to get them to start, it never works out because they think its hard and they give up but thats really cool. I yoyo all the time, usually between classes, and I cant wait to get my silicone o rings so I can start again


Well, he already had an interest in yoyoing because his older brother has thrown for sometime. His brother just got tired of him dinging his metals so he had to get one. I figured the maverick could be a good first metal. Its a decent 30$ yoyo for a yomega.


yeah the first yoyo that i ever got was a yomega fireball but I got a yoyofactory fast 201 and then slowed down with yoyoing then just about 6 months ago got really into it and got a Dark Magic 2 snd now im hooked


It is certainly addicting, I started in late may of this year and now i have 17 metals, lol. I cant stop!! haha


I made 150 of my own design. How far have you gone? :-*

(Cinimod105) #11

Well, I have been trying to get people to join this hobby, but it is not really working well. Most of them tend to give up after a few tries at a breakaway. :-[


I understand where you’re coming from. People want instant gratification these days, and if they don’t get it right away, they tend to quit immediately. You quickly find out who DOES want to do something because they’ll put in the effort.

I’m not exactly an exception. My first yoyo(when I decided this year to get into it) was a Reflex, chosen because of the clutch system. I figure if I’m throwing right, it will come back. Then if I throw it stronger, it will sleep them come back. Plus I have the option to tug return it. I wanted to ensure success so I wouldn’t quit. Then I’d use an Imperial(bought at the same time) to reinforce what I was doing with the Reflex. After a couple of weeks of that, it was time to move onto a better yoyo.

Right now I don’t waste time trying to “convert” people. If they are truly interested, I find they’ll make a bit of extra effort and will show incentive and self-motivation. Of course, some of them might fail as well, but it’s nice to deal with people willing to make some sort of effort.

Also, the break-away is EASY to do, just like a forward throw. Doing it RIGHT, that’s the challenge!


It’s a very interesting design. What was the inspiration or motivation behind this?

I can’t wait to get one!

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I live in Norway, I grew up 700 meters over sea level. It’s generally cold here. I’ve yoyoed for 3 minutes in 26 Celsius below zero. Quick fact for those of you that don’t understand Celsius; Water freezes at 0, boils at 100.

I did so much to buy my M1 3 years back, I was like a rabid hyena on a mountaintop looking for money.

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:’( I miss the M1. Makes me sad they discontinued it


A while ago when I was less advanced, I stayed up all night doing Skin the Gerbil continuously until I could do it without thinking. I also recently did something similar with Bee Sting to help me get into 5a.