Where have you been kicked out of?

Topic where we can discuss places we have been kicked out for yoyoing. Or in trouble in general.

I have been talked to a lot at work type places. For safety concerns and the distraction. I think i have a bit of a problem with being told no. Regardless they allow me to yoyo at work just in specific dungeony type places where the orcs and trolls live. But we get a long.

In general in public places I have been talked to. But in general I am okay. Work seems to be the biggest places for me.


my house…

oh no lol

more than once. My mom is Xtream like that

school… in the hallway

My marriage

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I laughed way to hard at this

Sooner or later this forum :-X

the bathroom… long story involving me hiding in there to yoyo…

Ah i guess i didn’t have it that bad after all. Some kids hide in the bathroom to do drugs. others to yoyo.

What were you doing…Splashing the Dog?


Beyond Skateboarding, I’ve never really been kicked out of any place for anything. Well, maybe a Bar or 2 here and there but, Skateboarding much more so…The best spots are always guarded by a d-nugget.

I was kicked out of Gamestop for not being with a parent. Their reasoning, was that I could get hurt, and they didn’t want to be responsible. :smiley: I was 14. ???

Never been kicked out, and the only talking has been asking what kind of yoyo, how long I’ve been practicing, “wow you’re good” “that’s so cool” and I’ve even been stopped so the girl could film some tricks on her phone, and one particular time, I’ve been told that I was “Ill as [expletive]” lol, you know what word. So reaction is all positive for me so far

You could say yoyoing is well received on my college campus and a few other public places ;D

all of my friends houses :stuck_out_tongue:

Not kicked out, but asked (kinda brusquely, even though it was their right to ask) to stop at a bar in Easthampton, MA.

I was outside a gift shop once (still inside the building) and the security lady told me to stop yoyoing in the gift shop even though I wasn’t in there…

My house and disneyland which is super funny because they have a Duncan booth right there( i didn’t actually get kicked out they told me to stop) they almost didn’t let me in because i had all my yoyos and kendamas and i had to explain to them i was going to the meet-up

Based on the wording in your subject box, I would say you got kicked out of English Class.

Here’s a few tips: 1. No 2A in Church. 2. No Offstring at Funerals. 3. Never bust out your 5a rig when a Motorcycle cop is getting ready to write you a ticket. 4. NEVER bust out a freestyle at the Mall if the Security Guards are wearing house slippers. For some reason they totally Hate yoyos. 5. Bad idea to Karioke and Yoyo in front of a Beer drinking crowd. Unless you are wearing a helmet with face shield and you are quick enough to dodge the body shots. 6. If you get hired as half time entertainment at a Weight Watchers Convention; do not tell the women you can knock a Donut off their ear with your looper. You are just asking for trouble.


I know these feels all too well. I used to feel like public enemy #1 back in my skateboarding days. The amount of abuse we used to get and the amount of times we had the police called on us was unreal. Why can’t they just let a brother skate eh? We never caused any trouble…

I lolled, as usual. Lseda you winding up your ex-wife with yoyo-talk makes for some of the funniest posts on these forums. Keep up the good work. ;D