Yoyoing in public


Have any of you ever been asked to stop yoyoing in public? At school or going through the store I have never been asked. I thought I would due to the fact that swinging around an all metal yoyo could break or hurt someone…


I got kicked out of the local mall a few times. Now that I’ve gotten much better no one asks me to to stop. So long as you’re respectful with your throwing it shouldn’t be an issue.


My parents are always telling me to stop in public…

Also the security gaurds at the mall where my yoyo club is hosted told us to stop yoyoing in the food court and we could only yoyo in the designated area. And one time in a store near a glass display i was told to stop.


Last week, I was yoyoing in a wine store and no one asked me to stop. I think if you demonstrate enough control, you’re gonna be fine. ;D


Yeah Mall cops also don’t like when you take your shoes off… =/


I’ve yoyoed in an art gallery. Like some people said, just demonstrate control and you’ll be fine. No body wraps or eli hops =D


I’ve never been asked to stop. I just show good control. Usually they just fall in love with my tricks and ask millions of questions lol.

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i was told to stop in a library… probably because i was off stringing and my fiesta is kinda loud… woops. ::slight_smile:


I have been asked to stop millions of times, but it might be because of the fact that i do more basic tricks in public.

At home, i yoyo for me, so i do the hardest fastest tricks i can do, and perfect them. When in public though, it is more visually appealing to someone who doesn’t yoyo for you to do a smooth matrix, or skin the gerbil, than a super tech combo. After them watching you for about 10 min, you can start getting more technical because their eyes are used to watching the movements a bit more.


Wildcat23 and I were playing around with 4a yoyos in a mall, until his Go Big rolled into a jewelry store.


Ok, so at a local mall here, we used to have a club. A hobby store was supporting our club, and let us yoyo outside the store. When that store closed, we tried to still meet there, but a few weeks later, we were told we could no longer meet there.

Now, when we try to yoyo in that mall, we either get told put the yoyo away, or leave.

We’ve since relocated to a more open place and like it better, although we still go to the old mall for lunch.


I was asked to stop yoyo at my old school because my string broke and my yoyo flew away LOL

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I get stopped a LOT during school, probably because I’m the only girl yo-yo player there( we have about 3 guys). And I was able to yo-yo in my local mall, but my dad (being so lovely) decided to show me up on my yo-yo skills… don’t you think he’s just swell? lol :wink:




Last month I was throwing my Bapezilla.2 at my cardiologists office while I was waiting to be called.
SNAP! The string broke and there goes my yo-yo rolling across the hospital lobby floor. Suddenly all eyes were looking at me. That was more than a bit embarrassing.


Some kid thought my CBC Center Track was too loud and annoying.

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That kid was just jealous…had no idea what he was missing…


Yep its because my parents get embarrassed

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My dad yo-yos as well; we make a horrible pair: I know nothing, and he knows everything…


That’s kind of like complaining the neighbors Harley is loud and annoying. Sure it is, but wouldn’t you just LOVE it if all that noise belonged to you?!