So a yoyoer walks into a bar... (Weird story)


Bottom line: I own a Bar/Restaurant and the regulars make comments about my yoyo:
I work at a bar/restaurant with my brothers. When its “dead” with people I sometimes yoyo…out of the way of everyyyone. People down the inside bar can see. People from the outside bar can see. Its wayy out of the way though, they would have to be like checking me out to see. I am cool with all the regulars but I’ve been hearing this guy make some comments like “wheres his yoyo” etc. when I am seating people etc. He knows I know he said that. Bad call. He had to make things all awkward but I am sure to make sure he feels welcome anyway.

In a business like that you have to bite your tounge. He has been saying things for a while but never right in front of me.

It honestly only bothers me because he is a regular and I would rather them respect me than disrespect me for a hobby that harms no one. Something they just “dont understand”?. From then on I have never yoyoed in front of anyone at the place with my tie on or whatever “Manager Wear”. If I am off the clock and out of my Manager wear I will sometimes throw when people request (like the people that work with me etc). They are so interested that one fishes so he tries to make string that will be the best and some are so handy they inspect any yoyo and ask what they are made out of. One girl even does “flare” which is like vodka bottle juggling etc. I gave the kitchen guys a YYF StarLite and the waitstaff and bartenders a YYF ProtoStar. I think they need more help putting it down then me!

I could totally mess with “THAT regular” if I wanted because he is beyond embarassed when he sees me but I realllly try to make him feel welcome and that its no big deal. Thats just the way the job is…even though he would def return no matter what… and be as cheap as he always is…

I was thinking… eh… why not just give him a little poke back? I never had a conversation with him or have been introduced to him. I say ‘hey’ out of courtesy but I really just want to tell him he obviously has a crush on me because he cant stop talking about me and my yoyo. Weird.
What would you guys do?

edit: when I mean “crush” I mean the guy should take a break talking about me or else it looks like it (half kidding)


Man, one thing I’ve leaned since being in the Marine Corps especially, is that the nay sayers are out there. Just shrug it off. The Marine Corps is a branch full of “type A” personalities, everyone thinks they are the best at everything, so when I break out a yoyo, while most people are astonished at what a unique skill set it is (the Marine Corps is not the place for uniqueness) there are still those that will get nasty and make some lame comment. Just let it be. Just run your bar, throw yoyo, and be happy. Don’t let what people think or say bother you.



I encourage the people I work with to exhibit creativity. One on my crew throws. I think another one plays Kendama. 2 others have expressed interest. We all have our own unique skils and we enjoy sharing it.

Then again, we work in entertainment.

One of the promoters I work with has noted my interest in yoyo. While he’s not interested, he’s fine with it. Very good man. I’ll but throwing when not actively needing to do somthing during ZombieFest on Friday.

I guess since I’m interested in things “off the main stream” and stuff doesn’t bother me, I maybe far too accepting. I’m not interested in getting a tattoo, but if someone has something interesting, I will ask if I can have a better look so as to appreciate the work. At Walt Disney World, I ran into a guy covered with amazing Disney tattoos. While my wife was like looking at him like he’s some sort of mutant, I walked up to him and started talking to him.

I dislike it when people talk behind your back. Or at least talk crap behind someone’s back.