Where has icthus been?

he leaves, comes back, then leaves again?

He’s is insanely frightened of Mad Dougnuts. No one has yet been able to determine the reason for this phobia as it’s relatively a new discovery in the world of psychology. ;D I think if he can find some rancid milk, for dunking the mad doughnut, his problems will subside. (He he… how’s that for an answer that has nothing to do with your question? I’m good like that.)


That’s probably why you haven’t seen him lately. I think he said that he was allergic to Mad Donuts.

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His mind got the better of him, and he got sent into the land of Dreftekan, where those who are the outcast of the spirits dwell, and turn mortals into defiant spirits within the bounds of the magic of Tyther’e. Rules under the hand of the 5 Long Living, all who enter never leave, for they are forever enchanted into staying in the unseen lands of the north.


is gone.


Well, let’s say that he saw Themaddoughnut’s shadow, and freaked out!

He’s allergic to shadows.

Bad to be out at mid-day.

I saw him thank a post like a day ago.

He’s still around here, I’m sure.