is jayyo gone?


havnt seem him


Think he got a temp ban.


He just posted on the Brony Thread this morning. And he’s a forum expert, I don’t think he would be banned.


No one is impervious to the ban hammer!


not sure what impervious is…so, he’s on a temporary band? confused ???


Ur not sure what impervious means? It means to be immune or unaffected by. Im 13.

By the way, IF there was an item that would ban sombody, why a hammer? I feel an SUV would do a better job. You break a rule, icthus splats you with his GMC. It just seems more realistic, no? Think about it, a huge black GMC with red letters on the side spelling out “if you can read this, find another forum”


Just an fyi, there is no ban for jayyo. He’s doing whatever he wants.

(Jei Cheetah) #8

Im still here, Im still around being my legit self.

And for those wondering, anytime I get banned, just know that its because the power hungry mods think my level of awesomeness is just too much for the forum and its making the kids look bad.

I can respect that, I mean, I don’t want kids to feel bad for that reason, that would be horrible!

Carry on my enthusiastic little admirers!



(M.DeV1) #9

i feel like jayyo and ichthus are like best friends. with jayyo being the unruly one that gets and trouble and icthus being the goodfriend that gets him out of trouble and all though he is dissipointed with him he loves jayyo anyway. ya know?

(Jei Cheetah) #10


Everyone loves me, no secret there.




Oh yeah?

What about andre? You can’t ban the owner from his own site! xD

Or can you? O_o


icthus, i think it’s time to get out the ban-van


Sooo, since we’re out of tha ban van…

Anyone seen any good movies lately?


does watching a minecraft video of me banning players on my server count?


Actually I could. I can even ban myself. Admins have that power. :wink:


That’s scary…


…be carefull…it is all in your hands now.




With great power, comes great responsibility, or in Leslie Nielsen’s case, with great power, comes hot *******