happy 19th ;D and many more :slight_smile:

what he said…

hope you have a great one :slight_smile:

Woah, Jayyo and I share the same B-Days

well happy birthday gizzyo :slight_smile:

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Happy birthday Gizzyo!

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Just to tell you all, Josh has been banned.

what did he do this time??

Too many wolf pics or something? I personally don’t believe a permabanned was called for but I’ll let Casey call the shots here.

he wouldnt perm ban jayyo? he is forum expert?

thats what Josh is tellin me.

It’s a temp ban until - 3 days.


I believe that’s between him and the guy that whacked him, but I think it has a bit to do w/the wolf pix spamming.

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Rogue_Wolf? I dont know seems kinda suspicious… ya’know wolf… and the fact that it says you have no posts. Yeah…

And the fact you used all caps and you have the power to know his return :stuck_out_tongue:

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