What Ever Happened to...

Steven: his computer broke down, now he’s gone

Tomonzz: Did he ever get the yo-yo

iHateMATT: Do you wonder why he quitted?

Augie: Pros come and go

Zach6106: It’s been awhile since we heard from him.

Steven might be having trouble, but the library…
Tomazz probably never got the yoyo and was gone,
iHateMATT was having not a good timeish?

Steven: not a clue. Hopefully he’ll turn up sooner or later.

Tomonzz: got his yo-yos, and then some. Doesn’t appear to be running any scams at present. Has “changed his ways” and is currently posting as yoyo-lover over at the Nation.

iHateMATT: Hasn’t quit, just wanted to make it look like he did for whatever reason. Currently posting here and a couple other places under a new account and IP addy. Not going to out him as he isn’t doing any harm as far as I know. Yeah, he made a flounce post, and whereas they’re a little distasteful, they’re not a crime. Andre would be the one to make that call anyway.

Augie: Has been posting recently as far as I know. If he disappeared, it had to be within the last few days.

Zach6106: Not a clue.

Wait… what did tomazz do? And what did iHateMatt do? There’s something about iHateMatt.

What is this “something” exactly about ihatematt? I always thought he was okay, and never had a probelm with him.

well, He posted this thing called iHATEMATT no more. I wonder sometimes

Zach is fine.
He’s still posting on places like YYN.

Yeah, he was never really active here. What a shame…

Oh! (I Just Visit The Threads, Because I Miss All Of You Guys! Yo-Yo Forums!)

Thanks For “A Lil Bit” Positive’s To Me! Smiley

Why I Quit?

-I’m Out Of Place Here (I Just Have An Aquarius, The Nipples Of The Axle Side Of The Yo-Yo Was Removed!) (cause of overplay! Cheesy, i play it with no caps, that’s why it happened!, because i thought it was durable & doesn’t get broken Cheesy) (I Was So Sad!, Because All Of My Money For School I SAved For Aquarius, But…Grr.!)

-I Just Post Questions About Yo-Yo Even I Don’t Have What I’ve Said In The thread That I’ve Posted.(I Post a question if ever i have that yoyo Smiley)

-It’s not Easy To Buy here, Need To Shipped, Not Like Other Countries, Just Take A Walk In A Yo-Yo Shop Then Buy. Sad…

-Much more the yo-yo accessories (silicone sticker, o-rings, Lubes, Spacers & Shims etc.),It’s not also that you can buy anywhere.


~keep spinning to those who have yoyo’s ok!?!
~Me? Just one!, But It was broken!, So No Yo-Yo At All
~And Thank’s To All The People Who Answer My Post Before! Smiley

God Bless All Of You!:heart:


My Sig Is serious.
but DocRobot “Warned” or something that “there is something wrong/mistakes” (i always get sad/or get down if i commit mistakes
that’s why i stop logging-in. :frowning:

You are not the only one living in a country with mad shipping. But here’s what you have to do:

  • Save up money for yoyos by working (that’s what I do)
  • With money, you can/have to buy, play and take care of your yoyos.
  • Always look on the bright side of life (Monty Python’s The Life Of Brian)
  • Always be thankful for what you already have.
  • Do not ask/beg for yoyos.
    -> This is a mistake people tend to do. Do not fall for temptation.
    -> Tomonzz made this into scamming
  • Don’t quit on YYE
  • Never feel down if you make mistakes, they come naturally.
  • Things can always get worse.
    -> So always look on the bright side of life
    -> Try to prevent things from getting worse
    -> You could have been dead or something

I think you have a lot to do right now, so get to work! And don’t give up on yoyoing.

Addment: I thought there was a bunch of Filipino yoyoers. Don’t you guys have a community?

Ok, man. Let me try to clear this up for you as best I can…

What you did (we don’t need to get into it here in public, don’t worry) was kinda bad. I know it was a joke, and you had no malicious intent behind it, but it’s not the sort of thing that makes for safe and positive forums.

Understand that I am NOT a moderator here, nor do I have any power to edit, delete, lock, ban, whatever. If I were a moderator, I wouldn’t have taken action against you as you simply didn’t do anything to deserve it. I’m quite sure of that. I didn’t want to report the thread as that would have caused Andre to deal with it, and that would have been a waste of his time. It was no big deal, so I let you know what was up, as one friend and forum member to another.

I was just letting you know that what you were doing had the potential to cause trouble. I know that it wasn’t your intention. I wasn’t upset with you, and I imagine Andre wouldn’t be, either. Either way, you did the right thing and fixed the issue quickly. You did it without any issues, and that’s a sign of a mature and well-intentioned community member.

It was NOT my intention to scare you away from here. At all. I feel bad that this was the case, and I’m starting to think there’s a language barrier here that caused a misunderstanding.

As far as I’m concerned, you’re an awesome poster and community member. We have to respect your right to leave, but it’d be better if you stayed. ;D

I felt that iHateMatt was getting a little distant. His posts weren’t as personal, chatty, stuff like that. And they were fewer and fewer… so that’s the something.

He found a local store and is getting back on the forums.

That explains it.