did he quit yoyoing completely? He was my favorite moderator when i first came here :(.

I believe he may have been banned. I read a thread some time ago about him not giving someone a yoyo after many months, and he had no real reason.
I know at the very least, he no longer has an account here.

edit: found what I was referring to.

Edit edit: I guess he stepped down from being an admin, and then presumably deleted his account.
Anyone who knows him personally know whether or not he still throws?

I’m sure that is what happened.

Yah but it’s a shame he was a great dude he needs to come back

I agree. People deserve second chances, I say he should come back for sure, just not as a mod/admin. He was great to have around. Wish him the best in whatever he’s doing though.

Unfortunately though I see this thread getting out of hand in the near future. For the love of all good in the world at least try and keep it civil. We can do it guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

He said, in one of his last posts, that he didn’t yoyo anymore. However, I know he competed in the little contest Duncan had in Central FL a month or so ago…

He did come backafter being demoted, but he never posted anymore :frowning:

He banned his old account and then made a new one. He can still post and participate, but unfortunately, he also still hasn’t made good on all of his trades.