How has the yoyo community changed?

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Just a question I’ve been thinking about recently. I wanted to get some opinions on it.

(Owen) #2

Lots of yoyo companies have gone down the drain.

Icthus scammed someone in a very Heath ly fashion.

Id say the yoyoing community has become less trustworthy.

Only on the forums though; Not at clubs and whatnot.




News to me. Whats the story?


Here you go sadly enough. :frowning:


Why thank you. Now who’s Heath?


The owner of Vs. Newton.


I think it would be wise to refrain from continuing to initiate threads for the purpose of further slandering other forum members. There have been ample threads outlining and discussing malfeasance of various degrees committed by some. Enough is enough.

Let’s just move on.


I am truthfully sorry if I offended anyone.

Thank you.

Let’s move on.

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Personally my role in the community has changed. I first found the yo community via another forum. It was at that time I met several current members of YYE. I arrived at YYE over a year ago and it just felt good here. I spent a great deal of time laughing with you guys, asking and answering questions, listening and sharing opinions and enjoying meeting people. Some how I gained mod status, and worked more, bantered less. I really am on a steep learning curve with the mod stuff at present. I guess what I’m saying is that my contribution to the community seems to be changing. Trying to read and comprehend all the threads is kind of crazy.

As an entire community: We have more yoyo manufacturers that seem to come and go, we still have highs and lows, recently low, but it’s going to get better again. :wink: We still have some incredibly helpful, knowledgable people here, and we still have fun even when things get a little tough. I don’t know if the forum community has really changed that much since I’ve been here, just larger and busier.

I can’t really speak regarding contests as I’ve never attended even one.

I really would like to thank all of you that try so hard to follow the rules here and make quality threads and posts.

Let us move forward together making the future of YYE better than ever, that’s what I’m counting on. ;D

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Sorry :frowning:

I wasnt trying to slander other forum members, I was just saying that the Yoyo community has become slightly less trustworthy, and i was trying to make a point.


Icthus didn’t scam. Just procrastinated to the extreme. I always send what I’m suposed to. Sometimes I let other things get in my way and put others off.


Yeah, I know.

I don’t try to be like that. :frowning:


No worries. It was all my fault anyway.


Okay, thanks for being honest. :slight_smile:

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Honest Icthus!



Chris’s (Owner of CLYW) wife gave birth to a kid. :wink:

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I guess if we’re talking about as a whole yoyoing has changed a lot. Yeesterday i spent a lot of time talking about how things have changed with my good friend tony north. A lot of things have changed whereas a lot of things are the same. there are still companies dropping new yoyos constantly and there are still players hyping them whereas the companies have changed. More people connect via facebook or other means like that when people used to use other boards way more (theyo, extremespin, yyn, yoyoing) the style of tricks that are popular have changed. I remember when it was all whips, slacks and grinds now i see a lot more horizontal play and body tricks. A lot of people have dropped out of the scene and a lot of amazing players have taken their place. A lot of old school players have come back and are killing it. Sponsors seem to be helping out more now (the big ones anyway) the smaller ones are helping out in the same way that sponsors used to (yoyos and strings pretty much) so yeah, some stuff has changed


Can I have the scam story?


internet is internet, which is where the cowards live

the community as I know it is the same.
and to me, you’re not part of it until you actually go to a meeting. it may sound elitist, but once you actually meet the people you’re talking about, once you actually witnessed a major yoyo meeting or contest with your own eyes, you truly understand what the community is all about.

many of the players I’ve met have become very good friends, maybe even more somewhere in between friends and family, to me, these are the “community”, they were great folks when I met them at first, they’re still great people as for today.

internet is too shallow for the community to really build on, to me, yoyoing is about meeting people, then meeting them again, and again, and again. not about internet arguments. internet is fun tho.

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It hasn’t changed. It’s exactly the same as it was 15 years ago. The names have changed, the technology for us to be wonderful/awful to each other has advanced, and the yo-yos have gotten a lot better…

But the community is still exactly the same. People are helpful, people are thieves, people are skilled, people are not, people are opportunists, people are generous, and people still post a half-dozen questions a day that could be answered with the Search function. :wink: