So I guess this means he's no more?


Icthus has no account anymore?

Is he just gone?

Or, is it because of that bad shipping deal?

I just want to know, it’s not good to lose a member, especially a Mod…


Oh mai… all his posts say hes a “guest”. it looks like Icthus is gone for good, since his account isnt banned, its deleted. How unfortuate.

(M.DeV1) #3

Welp another one bites the dust. while I do agree that the loss of a good moderator is sad, the whole not shipping thing was ridiculous and extremely irresponsible on his part. In my opinion “rockstar rules” should not apply to moderators and admins anymore then they do regular forum users.


To quell any rampant rumors, he deleted his own account. He felt very bad about how the whole thing unfolded. He had issues that got too much to handle and things came apart for him. I still hold him in high regard.