Hi, my name's Q

And you know those moderators?
I don’t care for some of them.

But you know what else?
They do one heck of a job when it comes to this forum.
And you know what else?
Some of them actually care about you guys.

Let me tell you guys a little story, about a rough time in my life.

I was going through a rough time, been through a break up, hated myself, thought I was the biggest piece of crap in the world. I had to register for college, had no idea what I was going to do with my life, no idea how to pay for any of my education. I honestly felt backed against a wall, with no idea what I was going to do. At some points, I did feel like killing myself. Just so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the problems anymore.

This forum took a lot of my time, and I needed to change.
So I made a huge post, about how I was leaving the forum. A lot of it was for attention, just to hear the voices from the internet say “Don’t go!” or “We’ll miss you!”. Just to have some reassurance that I would actually be missed.

After I left, I got an email.

From a guy named JHB (insert meaningless arrangement of numbers here).

He emailed me from his personal email account, to my personal email account, and told me some things. He told me that everything was going to get better, that everyone goes through what I was going through, and that it would get better. That email was what I needed to get through everything.

I also talked to Icthus (although not on the same level) and he would ask me how I was doing. He also helped to reassure me that things would go better for me.

So before you go off and say how bad these moderators and admins are, step back and think.

Two of them saved my freaking life. And that isn’t something that I take lightly.

Two guys that I have never met actually care about me enough to take time out of their day to check up on me. To make sure I was okay. That’s something that nobody I’ve known for years did for me.

The moderators here are different from moderators on other forums. They actually care about some of you.

So before you make your next thread complaining about how “XY thread got locked” and how “ZA moderator is out of control”. I want you to stop, and just think. Just think about how much it matters.

Because I owe a lot to some of these guys who get beat up on every day by you guys.

And they don’t deserve that.

I can guarantee that if any of you had a problem, you could ask them about it. Any problem at all.

So before you start bashing up on them again. Just send them a PM. And thank them. Because they do a lot of work, donate a lot of time, and they make this forum a better place.

You don’t have to like every decision, you don’t even have to like them.

But please, show them some respect.

And thank them every once and a while.

I know I should.

Because they care about me.

And the probably care about you too.


Thanks for sharing this Q. And a big thank you to all of the moderators! :slight_smile:

this is quite deep… i think this went tooo far, thanks mods for keeping a cool level head! ;D

I went to far?
Noooooo. tell me more.

I don’t think you went to far.

I absolutely love the mods. I want to meet them, hopefully some day I do.

They care, they have brains. They use them. They also have feelings too.

They try their best, all the time actually.

Great to see you back Q.

Thanks for making the right choice.

I too would like to chime in and thank the mods.

Having been in leadership in numerous capacities throughout my life (current job included). I can relate to the pressure that comes with it, especially when you have to make judgement calls for what you feel is best. There are times when this can grate on you and you fight through in your mind over and over what you can do, should do, should have done, should not have done. There are other times when you know exactly what to do you know I will upset people but you know what needs to be done, so you do it. Even though it may make you look bad. Thank you for often being willing to take this hit.

Yes it is true that sometimes they make mistakes they are human (no way referencing anything in particular. Simply a reality of the human condition). We can give them grace I am sure each of us would also make mistakes. From what I have seen the mods have been trying their best. So, I personally want to thank the mods for their hard work and desire to keep this an awesome, friendly, and welcoming yoyo forum.

It is amazing to hear that they have been willing to build into the lives of the members. I think that is amazing thank you for sharing q. And mods thank you for caring and doing your best.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I gotta agree with you. The mods really are here to watch out for us. Being a brony, I have no clue why the thread was closed, but knowing the moderators, I’m sure it must have been for a good reason. (I don’t check the MLP thread almost ever.)

Props to you and the Mods.

NO! NO! the whole brony thing went too far… sorry if you read that the wrong way…

Thanks for sharing!!! I really appreciate what the mods do, no matter their opinions. Thanks mods!

Wow… That was deep. I don’t know if people feel the same way that I do, but when Q talks (or types) I listen (or read.) This man made me believe that reviewers can be nice. I have learned to respect people I have never met as much or more than people I know personally because of people like Q. This here seems like pretty important to me.

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Most importantly we need to thank André for creating this website and forum. Thanks mods, the whole YoyoExpert team, and especially André! God Bless - Moefv

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