Who is icthus?


Every once in a while I see on an old thread a user named icthus listed as a guest. Who’s that? Were there guests on forums back then or was it just like an old member whos account is deleted?


He is not a member anymore. Was a mod at one time.


icthus used to be a mod, his account was deleted, he is now listed as a guest.

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Casey Moss. Father of Brad Moss and Tanner Moss, who are or were sponsored players at varying times.


Father of Bradley and Tanner Moss. It is very hard to be one’s own father. :wink:


Not with today’s medical science it’s not!


Log story. Once was a mod, now he’s not. I didn’t get into it. Fun fact for ya! Icthus is Greek for “fish” and is the term deemed to the popular Christian “fish” symbo!

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Screw the rules I have money!


somebody that i used to know


He completely deserved what he had coming.

No tolerance for scammers, mod or not.


I just read the whole thread on icthus. That was intense. It was like a court trial.


edit: nevermind… ::slight_smile:


I did too. So he was banned after this incident?

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He left on his own accord if I recall.


ok say you bought a yoyo from someone and they didn’t send it to you for 2 years, an when the finally do the send you a yoyo with no bearing or response pads. How would you feel? Would you still be okay with this person?


Some people are more forgiving than others :stuck_out_tongue: it was $50, not much… Not little either… He did gve him extra, they just needed axles and bearings hehe, and from the thread it seems like he was havingsome personal problems too


I basically just wanted to comment on the post that was removed.

…but to answer your question; yes, I would be okay with this person. I don’t hold grudges, and I love all; but I sure wouldn’t do business with him again or recommend his services.


is it the “agape” incident?

he was a great guy, to be honest, he is the one who guide me and teach me how to make yoyos.

Some one might hate me by saying this, but I kinda miss him.


Casey Moss is good people.

He might’ve dropped the ball - but lots do… It’s human.
We move on.

I’d still hang with him any day of the week


I second that.