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As much as it pains me to do this, it’s time that I leave some trade feedback about Icthus, who has owed me an Agape since December of 2010. There has been a long string of “I forgots”, then personal issues, more “I forgots”, more personal issues, etc. Then a couple months ago, almost a year and a half after I should have received it, he said he had shipped it, but it never reached me. His conclusion was that it must have gotten lost in the mail. There was no tracking number. Since then he’s said that he’ll ship when he can. Icthus has had some personal problems over the past 20 months, which is the reason I have refrained from making a thread. But part of what has been so frustrating about this is that I know he’s shipped yoyos to other people in the last 20 months. This is really inexcusable. I’ve hesitated for a long time to post something about this, because I wanted to be understanding, but enough is enough. I also feel a responsibility as a member of YYE and as a moderator to share this trade experience - people should know that this is part of his trading history so that they can make an informed decision about whether to trade with him. Regardless of a person’s status at YYE, 20 months is a more than reasonable amount of time to refrain from making a matter like this public. Should I ever receive the yoyo, I’ll post an update here. I’ve locked this thread to avert any unnecessary back and forth about this from parties not involved. Given his admin status, Icthus has the ability to respond if he sees fit.


Again, I hate to do this, but …

I posted this thread more than two months ago and I still have not received the yoyo. It seems appropriate to me that this matter should be pressed publicly.


C’mon Icky… This is an easy fix. :slight_smile:

Send Arod the Agape.


Thanks vegabomb.

I just sent this to Icthus via PM, but I think it makes sense to just keep this public:

“This is tantamount to your having ripped me off for about $50. If you don’t want to mail the yoyo, or can’t for whatever reason, send $40 as a personal payment to @.com and I will consider this matter closed. Please respond to this email with a specific date by which I will either have $40 in my paypal account or the yoyo in my hands.”

This really isn’t hard, Casey. You know that if anyone else had done this, they would have been banned by now and labeled a scammer. This needs to be taken care immediately.


I hate to admit it, but I have to agree. 2 months is too long to wait for a yoyo. I know people may be busy, but 2 months is kinda overkill.

Also, jrod, I know the agape isn’t the the issue, it’s the principal, but if he does refund, I’d send you my personal agape for half of the price he asked.

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I’m in a similar situation. I have offered to pay for the shipping of my yoyos back, even if they have not yet been modded. I just want my Light up FHZs back. It’s been over 6 months for me. Last week he said he just had to get them from his storage unit.


22 months. Twenty two.

Thanks for the offer, but you’re right - it’s the principle. This situation has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I don’t really even want the yoyo anymore, but it is owed to me and I’m not about to tolerate being ripped off.


I’m a terrible shipper. I’ll admit it. I am sorry and it will get there whenever I finally ship it. I’m sorry.

Please never buy or trade with or from me please.


What? It’ll get there when you finally ship it? That’s lame, bro. You’re in a position of “authority” around here, set an example or give up your administrator rights.


“it will get there when ever I finally ship it” is a totally unacceptable answer. You are an administrator here, and your actions undermine the credibility of the entire admin/moderation team, and YYE more generally. What is our set of rules worth if someone in a position of authority like you fails so blatantly to uphold them?

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What is happening to the yoyoing community?

First Heath, and now Icthus?

I feel as though I can’t trust anyone these days…


I never comment on these things, but that is an offensive answer.
How is someone with this record, and who takes this attitude in response, allowed to be in an administrative/editor position on the forum?

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i feel weird saying this, but. wouldn’t anyone else have been banned by now? so why not Icthus? is everyone just kinda turning their heads and acting like they didn’t see anything because he’s a mod?


I’m a little shocked by this, actually – to the point that I thought that this thread wasn’t real and the mods staged something to prove a point. I like Icthus, but you gotta set a better example :confused:

Big ups to jrod for biting his tongue for so long. Understandably bizarre situation.


Gonna have to go with Johnny here. Any other user who claimed this would have been banned after a month, and 22 is just excessive.

Whenever I do a trade, and I promise that I’ll ship something, I make shipping that yoyo out my #1 priority. Granted, I don’t have kids or a family, but completing a business transaction should be considered something of extreme importance.


i still kinda feel like this is a joke…


Keep in mind that jrodriguez has been working this on his own up until recently, hoping for resolution. Not getting any relief he’s chosen to go public with it at this point. So basically it’s been between he and icthus until now.

Ehhh, unfortunately it’s not. >:(

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Icthus has a bit of a reputation for being slow on mailing. My mother bought an agape from him one year, present for me, and she was concerned that she wasn’t going to get it. It did arrive 2 months later. I paid for a yoyo, knowing that it would be slow going. It was mailed just about the time Jrod started this thread. My current transaction from the day I made the payment until the present; should be here this week, about 3 months. Part of the duration of my transaction was understandable as I agreed to allowing a bit of a grace period, but it seemed a bit long still.

I contacted him not to long ago and he asked that I bug him about it, so I did, took about 2 weeks, a reminder each week and it was in the mail.

I chose to remain silent for the most part as my transaction, and I believe my mothers, were through another forum. Seems relevant and appropriate to share at this point.

22months is a loooooooong time!


Dude, I’m a lazy, scatter-brained slacker… and even I always ship within a couple days of saying I will, at worst. Seriously, I’m utterly disorganized, apathetic, sluggish and unmotivated–yet even I can ship a darn package. How can you be so bogus and just excuse yourself for it so cavalierly? Get your act together at least this much. 22 months? Two years basically. The average lifespan isn’t even 80 years… so you’re talking 1/40th of a lifetime wait. That’s 2.5% of his probable lifetime. Now you’re going to push it close to 3% if you don’t do something soon.

How in the heck does this even happen? Like, if you had to pay someone else to do this chore for you, or beg someone or whatever it took, you could make it happen even if you literally never personally had time to get to the post office during business hours. darn, just darn. Come on, don’t be that absurd.

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I understand stand this thread is a little old, but I did want to vouch for icthus here since I’ve traded him in the past. A while back, I sent him a hatrick to be rethreaded. It took him over 1 1/2 years to do. He is a lousy shipper. That being said, when I did finally get the yoyo, he sent it back with two other yoyos free of charge, and thoroughly apologized for the delay. I understand he is not very prompt with shipping, but I do not believe it is his intention to scam anyone.