where do you work?

just for another new topic, a Occupation forum. Just to get to know eachother alil more.
I am a Line cook/Prepper for Outback steakhouse. Ima superman/Mama to my store. One of the best scores in the Mid Atlantic region XD. Ive done it now for like 5 years. Kitchen work isnt always glamorous but it helps excel at urgency and multi-tasking. Ive seen a few posts of others that do kitchen work on here. share your occupation with me and others. Florists to nurses. Waste management to mechanics, w/e. ;D

~self-employed college student~

Great Topic.

I am a software engineer that currently writes research applications for Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). Our group creates applications to support fundamental research into Bio-Informatics and Bio-Engineering. Recently, I worked on in-home sensors and an artificial pancreas. Fun stuff if you are an engineer.

…Really :slight_smile:

I’m a retired rocket scientist.

I’m a retired burrito scientist. Retired after blowing out a large intestine in the line of duty. Got bored of being retired and been a personal toilet seat warmer ever since!

My dad works at a sewage treatment plant as an electrical engineer.

I know where I never want to work at. a fast food chain. I’d rather scrape gum off walls and stuff.

That’s mostly what fast food work is. Haha.

I’m starting a new job as a call center agent. You know, your home theater doesn’t work, you call me.

I’ve worked as the assistant manager of a grocery, waiter/dishwasher, worked in manufacturing…kind of a jack of all trades. I went to college for Sociology.

I do whatever I can find, right now my only ‘real’, taxable job is at a Safeway fuel station, but I’m also doing some freelance labor for a water purification company. Mostly digging ditches and stuff. Not glamorous or mentally engaging, but most of the time my bills get paid, :).
Hoping to find a restaurant that’ll let me come in and wash dishes or do some prep work a couple nights a week to close up the giant holes in my schedule.

Work? People work? My job is to play all day, every day. I love it and I’m even good at it! ;D

Culinary Manager at Bonefish Grill. Grinch and I both work for Bloomin Brands, who’da thunk it? :wink:

I’m in the colledge student thing too. I had to drop for personal reasons but im going back. Right not I work in construction and this time of year im not working as much because of weather. And Grinch, Depending on where you are, I would like to work at an out back or restaurant in general. XD Just saying. XD

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That we do sir, XD, one reason why i started this topic, just to see whom can relate to one another, lemme ask you a question, Eco-sure just role through for you guys too? we got an 88 X_X was shooting for a 94 or higher. and did they change your guys prep alot within the last year?

I live in richmond VA, if you within the area, and you got the hands, and the lil bit of the “cukooness” it takes to handle a kitchen i can set you up buddy.

dude that is really cool man, an artificial pancreas??? wow, ive seen a few things on the tele about artificial organs and muscles, i know that has to take some intelligence to replicate the various actions into one action. Mammals bodies are so weird…ALIENS MAN! thats quite fresh though man.

Yeah that’s kinda far from ohio for a job. XD

Team leader for underwater search and recovery unit. I’ve Recovered drowning victims, guns, vehicles, airplanes and boats, jewelry, keys, etc

I’m a proffesional Pumpkin salesmen and appl sorter at the Apple orchard near our house.

That sounds like the most gratifying job ever.

I know! its great making 7.50 a hour but…I’m only 15 so its not so bad.