Whats your profession?

He all.
Just figured we could talk about the work we do!
Maybe, jussst maybe it could inspire some of these younger heads and give them an idea what they wanna do when they get older, i know it was pretty difficult for to figure out what i wanted to do.

I do HVAC.
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning.
I work to make other people comfortable, literally.

Its a good field to be in. Im starting classes this summer and looking into an apprenticeship program.

In the winter when its cold I do service work to fix broken heat pumps. In the summer i do service work to fix ACs.
Throughtout the year we do installs in both residential and commercial jobs.

Its a good job.
Im learning a lot.
Some of the houses we do installs are my Fathers rich friends. Million dollar plus homes! You should see some of these places man!!! Gives me motivation to get that moolah!

But yeah, if your comfortable talking about it please share!

I gotta do inventory so i better get started!
Have a great day peoples!

One love- Sammy.

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I am a teen intern at a youth theater, but will become an “assistant” (start gettng paid) next year. Does that count? Haha.

I am an umpire for the younger kids in our towns league! I am only 14 and i still get paid money for about 5 months each year, but it is also fun just to now that you are helping the league out!

Accountant. Boring.

As of right now, I’m a full-time student. But to help pay the [yoyo] bills, I work construction and fix iPhones when I can.

I aspire to be a mechanical engineer, though. Which works out nicely because that’s what I’m going to school for :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m an electronics tech in manufacturing. I work on everything from motor control systems to networking and communication. I also design and build electronic circuits as a hobby.

My most recent creation was a chronograph to clock the speed of some model rockets I built. They were entirely home made also, so I used the chronograph to fine tune the fuel recipe… Everything’s more fun when you DIY!

I play every day, all day! That’s what phys ed teachers do. 8) In the not so distant future I hope to ski full time during the winter months.

Engineer checking in.

Design components for big ol machines.

Former school teacher, currently a software developer.

Workforce Managment for a large company… I am responsible for the data and reports that we use for all of North America Collections. There’s quite a bit of coordination and project managment that goes along with that to ensure all the information provided is accurate and up to date. Some people would call me a Reporting Analyst I guess.

Full time student, and busboy at a restaurant.

Neonatal (Newborn) Intensive Care nurse.

As a software dev, can you stand by my assumption that vb.net is nearly useless?

I go to school.
But when I grow up. I wanna go into the medical field, thinking about an ER doctor.

Air Force crew chief. C-130j

Perhaps luckily, I’ve never had occasion to use vb.net. I guess it depends on what your purpose is… seems to be OK at developing form-based applications for Windows. :wink:

I remember when I used to want to do that, it’s not half as fun as you’d expect. :frowning:

I own a old fashioned diner and run a catering business. It’s tough being self employed these days but I manage to get by. My wife and I also do foster care and currently have 3 foster children and 2 of our own kids. We have very busy lives but lover what we do.

Also on some weekends I work security for a music venue a few towns away. Btw, I’m only 29

Student, and soon to be yoyo performer.

Student. :wink:
But I hope to get into architecture and engineering. Or computer chip designer, it’s what my dad does. It looks really cool and has a lota math