We all know why we are here but what do we actually do?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to start a thread about what kind of work … line of work we are all in … just thought it would be fun to find out…

we all know that we love THIS (jojo) and every aspect of it,

but just thinking … what do we actually do for a living?

it doesn’t matter what you do but if you feel like sharing … go ahead :slight_smile:

and if you really do make a living off yo-yoing, let us know how …(so that we can do the same) jk :smiley:

Ill start…

I work (trouble shoot) on Storage Servers… aka SAN … storage area network

huge servers that are in huge data centers, like the ones you see in movies filled with servers and server etc.

Go to junior high, basketball.

school. yoyoer. big brother.

I do school.

I worked at a car lot for 25 years! We’re closing the business in 2 days.

So i’m looking for work…

I wish I lived a tad closer to Studio42. I’d beg him for a job.

We would have to hide our yoyos, because we wouldn’t get any work done!

unemployed… hire me if you need a computer nerd and live in Michigan

In school on my way to be a computer programmer and such right now im in advance tech wich i used to do 3d cads now i use fishertechnik parts and robopro program to make such things as a care put a light senser on that make a program for that make a stop light with a green,yellow,and red light with short 2 second sequences beetween those when the ligh hits green the car will move on till i stop it that was the beggining of the year stuff we use much more complicated stuff now

In freshman year of college. Looking to become a teacher of highschool social studies.

Middle school in 8th grade. Interested in science and math and my mom and sister thinks I should be an engineer and I am thinking about it but right now it is a little bit too early to tell what I would want to do. Also uncle of the cutest nephew ever.

What do I do?

Computer and data consulting, including WAN/LAN, WIFI, dial-switched, digital and analog circuits, broadband, data encryption, security, builds, repairs and integration/turk-key products and much more.
Media transfers, including FILM, slides, photos, videotapes(over 10 formats), Reel to reel(3 formats of 1/4-inch), recorded wire, 8-track, micro-cassette, mini-cassette, cassette, MiniDisc, DAT, LP and 78’s.
Video editing, audio editing, custom compilations and one-off projects, including full DVD projects and record albums.
Audio work is focused on live sound production(concerts), which includes mains, monitors and lighting. But I also have done television, radio, theater, on-site recording and capture, multi-track recording, mixing, mastering, CD authoring. I have been involved with a couple of projects from talk of concept through recording, mixdown, mastering, duplication and distribution.

I have to have multiple ways of making money. When concerts go slow, media transfers tend to pick up. When those die down, computer consulting takes off. When computer consulting gets slow, audio production picks up. I can’t put all my eggs in one basket, it’s too volatile these days.

Everything I do, I love to do. I’m very lucky.

Oh, Stephosh:
I may have some openings in January if you want to help for SacAnime. It’s a lot of lifting and a lot of kids in constumes, but you’ll see a concert from the inside out and back.

And no, you don’t have to hide the yoyos. I’m bringing mine. I expect you to throw when you’re not working, and trust me, most of the time you won’t be working. But, it’s a volunteer position, that’s the only bad part. I work hard so my crew doesn’t have to. Oh, we’ll sweat, but once it’s set, the work slows WAY down until key moments and of course final load out. I’m debating pulling the full PA in this winter just to give it a good run-down. I’m going to excuse myself frequently and work on whatever tricks I’m working on at the time. I would suggest a glowing or LED yoyo for the rave Friday and Saturday night.

School, Musician (Beast drummer, and I play piano and cello), either going to Med school or gonna teach. I’ll get back to ya in a few years :smiley:

Reffing soccer games.
Detassleing corn
and I yoyo at my Tows fair and the neighboring towns fair. (like $800) once a year

Just looking for work, hehe. Hard to find too.

Ain’t that the truth. The economy problems in 2008 have been killing me. Thank goodness I have very little overhead costs.

I am home schooled in 7th grade. I would like to go to annapolis so I could come out as an officer in the navy.

Neonatal intensive care nurse.

I work at a craft studio (www.craftycorner.co.za).

We specialise mainly in handmade corporate gifting, but get commissioned for some pretty random things, such as…
Sculpting the worlds biggest solid chocolate Easter Bunny (over 4000kg of chocolate),
Building giant wire trees,
Building props (like time machines) for TV and video productions.

A typical day involves doing an hour or so of admin, some running around and then onto the craft stuff, making a few thousand branded candles, running craft workshops, such as beading, mosaic, etc. running crafty teambuilding events.

I go to a school once a week to run a craft class on recycling, where we convert old magazines, soda bottles and other ‘junk’ into keyrings, jewellery, gift boxes, etc.

I am a Freshman in high school and want to become a chef. I have all of my classes planned out, am going to a tech academy they offer my Junior and Senior year, and am then planning to go to culinary school. There’s actually a restraunt in a town next to use that said they’d give me a job in the kitchen when I get 16. I don’t think they allow work permits. It’s funny though, I won’t get my driver’s license until I start working. ;D

I am a programmer/web designer/Internet marketer but Internet marketer is kinda where I make most of my money (actually A LOT of it I make on Facebook)…The rest I make from “adult” websites :wink: I don’t actually make websites for other people/companies just myself & business partner…

I am a junior in high school and help buy and sell used tires, shovel and plow snow(it really sucked this year, I only put in like 5 hours all winter), I do siding on weekends and summer, work at a vineyard from March to september/october depending on the weather most weekends. Right now Im available in case anybody needs a worker in the the northwest Chicagoland suburbs