Where do you listen to music?


I use soundcloud. The easy access legal free downloads dont hurt! Nice and simple too!


I normally listen to it on my “free music download” app. It’s free, legal, and I only have downloaded songs that I absolutely love. Either that or my usual music on my ipod. in 3rd place is i <3 Radio. 4th Pandora. Never tried soundcloud, but I’ll give it a whirl


itunes? lol


I’m a premium subscriber to both spotlify and pandora. I listen to tons of music, and both platforms work very well.


I use I  radio on my iPod because pandora gets expensive after you use up your 40 hours.


My friends uncle is a DJ, so i get all the music i want, from any genre, from him.


I meant online streaming haha.



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My ears


If you’re downloading music for free that the artist didn’t give permission for, it’s illegal. Listening to it for free, that’s fine, but downloading it? Not so much. I mean I don’t judge, I don’t get 99% of my music legally, but I’m just saying, free music downloads, regardless of the website or program used, aren’t legal.

On topic though, I listen to songs I haven’t heard before downloading them via youtube usually. Although I’ve gotten a few songs through playing Osu.


The stuff I listen to is sourced from my CD library. Yes, I still buy CD’s. I know, I’m a freakin’ dinosaur.

I have my library in various locations including my media server for access in the house. I’ll also load a few selections to my iPhone.

All CD’s are ripped at CD quality. No MP3’s!


Lossless takes up too much space for me, I just rip it at 320kbps, human ears can’t tell any higher quality anyways. I usually just use YouTube while listening online.




at the table. where my VINYL RECORD PLAYA is.

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I know that feeling from a crappy mp3.

Prove it. There have been studies saying otherwise

I listen to Vinyl sometimes too. Studio42 is no Dinosaur.


Whether or not human ears can tell a difference in quality above 320kbps is irrelevant. Unless listening to the two side by side, you likely won’t tell the difference. Some people won’t even be able to tell the difference if they are listening to the two side by side. For someone who works in the sound industry, it’s understandable that you’d want to best quality possible for multiple reasons. But for most people, as long as they can still hear the song very crisp and cleanly, that’s good enough. I rip all my songs to lower quality because I like having every song in my library at my fingertips when I’m out and about, and that just wouldn’t be possible if I had them at CD quality. Y’know, unless I was using an old walkman.


also this Hendrix experience all day