So I'm in to mixing.


Whatcha think?


Not bad hope to see more from you.

(LordCanti) #3

Nice jams dude! 8/10

Better than Skrillex. XP


Just messing around, got NI Traktor for free one day so I just started mixing. Lol.:grin:

(LordCanti) #5

Random question, where can I download your remixes?


I don’t know!


How do I make it so you can?


These are great!


I tried to make a new one today but my ipad crashed! Maybe more coming soon!


Look at that beautiful music!



I missed this for some reason! Thanks Abby!

Any songs you people want to see in my mixes?


If you upload them to Soundcloud you can allow people to download for free.


if you could mix up some orchestral pieces that could sound really cool.

(DOGS) #13

Is it okay if I post a tiny portion of a mashup here? I’ve been radio DJ for two seasons with a friend of mine, and we’ve done awful awful things.


Yeah, but I don’t want to get in trouble with copy rights and all…


Sure! Haha, I once did a four hard core dubstep mashup.

I should post it. One song for the build up, then drop all of them at the drop.


You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Mixup Fails Part 2 coming soon…


Part 2 is out.